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    Default Road tax of 4 wheeler

    I paid life time road tax for my tata indica 4 wheeler in HYDERABAD, when I purchese it. Now I trasfer to MAHARASTHRA. Whether I have to pay again road tax to MH Govt. If yes, how much. Can I return back my paid life time road tax amount from AP Govt. because my parmanent adress is in West Bengal, and job is transferable in different States in INDIA. So how many time I have to pay tax. what is the Govt. rule regarding this. Pls suggest what I will do. I am verry much worried about it. Because it is a matter of huge amount.Pls suggest.


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    Default Re: Road tax of 4 wheeler

    if your vehicle stays in a State [for one year or more]other than the registered state, then proportionate amount of life tax has to be paid to the new state. refund of the tax paid so can be obtained from the original state. you also have to get a NOC from the original state to submit to the RTO of the new state. hope i am clear.