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    1. Supreeth R Hegde

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      • On 29-06-2020 I submitted second appeal with Central Information commission since my desired information was not been provided to me by the PIO, CPIO Department of Economic Affairs, Ministry of Finance, Government of India on my RTI application dated 23.04.2018. I pointed out that the CPIO has failed to furnish his/ her own details as well as the details of the FAA. In consequence of which I was unaware as to whom should be contacted further for necessary action. The FAA also furnished a reply only after a delay of about 25 months from the date of filing of the first appeal.
      • Below are some of the Highlights ordered in the decision 30-12-2021 by Central Information Commission.


      Decision :


      8. The Commission further observes that the CPIO has furnished a general reply to the query raised by the appellant without application of mind and also failed to furnish his name and designation and also that of the FAA. Further the unreasonable delay of about 25 months caused by the FAA in furnishing the reply, shows complete negligence and laxity in the public authority in dealing with the RTI applications. It is abundantly clear that such matters are being ignored and set aside without application of mind which reflects disrespect towards the RTI Act, 2005 itself. The Commission express its displeasure on the casual and callous approach adopted by the respondent in responding to the RTI application and the process adopted to maintain and organise record. The CPIO is therefore, warned to be extremely careful and vigilant in handling RTI petitions in future, failing which the Commission would initiate penal action under Section 20(1) of the RTI Act, 2005. This should also be brought to the notice of the Secretary, M/o. Finance Department of Economic Affairs, Delhi by placing a copy of this order before him for appropriate necessary action.



      Screenshot 2022-01-07 at 12.06.35 PM.png

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    • Guru Purnima is a grand day that is significant to revive the connection between the students and the teachers in both academic and spiritual ways. Students and disciples all over the world dedicate this day to their teachers. It is a societal and religious celebration. The ancient and present Indian tradition acknowledges the positive impact of Guru or a teacher in a student’s life. A Guru or a teacher plays a significant role in molding the student’s life and guide him through all the phases of life. A Guru guides a student to help him reach his goals and advance in his spiritual and materialistic life.  His grace and blessings are powerful to dispel ignorance (darkness) from the life of the student. On this day disciples and students recognize the importance of Guru in life and receive their blessings.


      I would like to thank admin, GLN Prasad sir, Sunil Ahya, Dr V S Prasanna and other Senior Members in this forum who share their view and guidance by helping learning people like us. Sir, I would like to thank you as many time whenever we stuck in between and post our issue you all help us by sharing required things to be done by investing your important time in this forum helping many people in their respective issues.


      Thanks Regards.

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    • सड़क निर्माण में भ्रष्टाचार ना हो और पारदर्शिता के लिए आप चाहे तो निर्माण स्थल से #RTI के तहत निर्माण कार्य का सैंपल लेकर लैब में टेस्टिंग के लिए दे सकते है। http://rtiindia.org


      : https://righttoinformation.wiki/guide/applicant/application/sample/road-work
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    • Instances that involve disclosure of sensitive information, it may be rationale for the CPIO to ask for citizenship proof
      Information Commissioner Divya Prakash Sinha held that seeking citizenship proof in case of demand of sensitive information is justified but seeking a signed copy of the application does not seem appropriate as the online portal does not mandate uploading of signatures.
      Sinha was hearing the plea of an Odisha-based RTI applicant who had sought from the Army information regarding implementation of rules under the Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace (Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal) Act, 2013 in all defence establishments.
      The Army did not provide any information to the applicant, the CIC noted. Akhand approached the Commission with a complaint that the central public information officer (CPIO) of the Army has demanded a signed copy of his online RTI application as well as identity proof before providing him the records.
      “In this regard, it may be noted that as far as CPIO’s request for citizenship proof is concerned, the same is not questioned as Commission in its prior decision(s) has held the view that Armed Forces stand on a slightly different footing as there may be instances that involve disclosure of sensitive information, and for such reasons it may be rationale for the CPIO to ask for citizenship proof,” Sinha noted.
      Originally posted here!
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    • Some of you -- at least CJ Karira, who helped me years ago in one crucial step, getting SEBI to acknowledge its own circular! -- know of a 15-year quest among desi academics to get SEBI to release its stale masked FII data for academic research. At one point years ago a parliamentary query by Shyam Benegal, then Rajya Sabha MP, sought the release of this data for academic research. He then made a subsequent RTI query asking what had done about his complaint about the terrible answer he got to his parliamentary question. We thought we had succeeded when in response to that SEBI did put in public domain that FII data and promised to update. And to  their credit, they did update it from time to time, even if a bit fitfully. But thanks to a question by a curious IIT-Madras undergrad, we realized that what SEBI gave with one hand they took away with another. While the idea was that the FII IDs would be masked to preserve privacy, without telling anyone, SEBI changed the masks each month, drastically reducing the value for academic research (since you can't even tell how many distinct FIIs are there in the data base, and whether anyone traded over time). It also caused mistakes in academic research since no one imagined that SEBI would use changing masks, when no other regulator or exchange on the planet does so.

      To get SEBI to finally agree to not hide by changing masks, but to keep a stable mask, has taken many years. But at least per the ruling received yesterday, it has been achieved, with no violence to anyone. I attach the ruling. I can also post the various submissions made at the Second Appeal hearing if there is any interest (need to scrub email-IDs, per the policy of this site).

      Addendum_To_CIC_2nd_appeal_28th_February_2020.pdfThis RTI site, in particular Karira-ji, has been very helpful to me in the course of this long episode thru countless RTI queries. And I am grateful for that from the bottom of my heart. I am confident we will see quite a few PhD dissertations using this database within the next few years.

      Third_Addendum to Additional Submission for RTI Second Appeal_2nd_March_2020.pdf
      From_SEBI_Written Submiissions - Murugappa Krishnan 139953.pdf
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    • There can be no faith in government if our highest offices are excused from scrutiny - they should be setting the example of transparency.
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    • Prasad GLN
      File RTI application to State Public Information Officer, Ministry of Education, Jharkhand and seek such information. Information solicited: 1. Please inform the reasons for delay in colleges/university/higher institutions of Jharkhand not connecting  the DigiLocker app?    
    • rajeevkum00
      Why are the colleges/university/higher institutions of Jharkhand not yet connected to the DigiLocker app?         1        
    • Sunil Ahya
      Hon'ble Prasad Ji, The applicant can take a technical route and file a second appeal on the technical aspect, but then one must remember that it takes a couple of years for the second appeal to come up at the SIC's  and that too with not much of an outcome on technical aspects. That is not to say that this technical aspect should not be pursued to its logical conclusion. However, if information is important and the time taken too is important, it would be advisable to file a first appeal with the FAA of the second PIO and pursue the matter simultaneously.
    • Prasad GLN
      If the information is available within the same public authority, it is the duty and responsibility to collect such information from the custodian of that information and provide it to Applicant.  The transfer within public authority is unknown in RTI Act. The receiving CPIO should either endorse forthwith or severe that query and send to relevant CPIO.  Several CIC decisions ruled that the process of asking applicant to file separate RTI Application to some other PIO in his own authority is not proper and legal.
    • Sunil Ahya
      From what I understand from your post, it seems that your RTI was transferred to another PIO /person ?
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