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  2. Prasad GLN

    requirement Second appeal formate

    Just search in the website of Information Commission for the prescribed second appeal format, the number of copies required and fees if any specially prescribed. If no such things are prescribed you can use the general format given below which is simple. Before ......................Information Commission,....................... Second appeal dt..................................under RTI Act. No......................................................................................................... Public Authority: Public Information officer,........................ First Appellate Authority......................... Appellant: (mention full postal address) Chronology of events. (self-attested copies enclosed Event...............................................Date.............................Page No................... RTI application: PIO Response: First Appeal: FAA orders. Service proof of sending the second appeal to PIO. Brief Facts: a) Applicant has solicited information on as follows: (Brief, verbatim, points) B)PIO has provided / not provided information on as follows: c) Not satisfied with PIO response the First appeal was filed on................with following grounds. 1 2 3. d) FAA has agreed with PIO and FAA orders were on................ e) Not satisfied with FAA orders, this second appeal filed on........................ 2.Grounds for the second appeal:1 2 3 Prayer: Appellant prays for directions to PIO for providing information as expeditiously as possible and prays for penalty and recommendation for wilful and malafide /incomplete information and prays for all relief as per RTI Act. Appellant prays for personal hearing. Assurance: I,......................s/o .......aged.....resident of.........do hereby submit that the above facts are true to my knowledge and information. The copy of the second appeal was sent on.................... to SPIO and service proof enclosed. Appellant. Encls: Self-attested copies as per chronological events. Annexure to the second appeal enclosed as Page No.2 of the second appeal. _________________________________________________________________________________________ Page No. 2 Annexure ________________________________________________________________________________ Information solicited................provided by PIO...................Reasons for finding PIO response unsatisfactory (Grounds) ___________1____________________2_____________________________3________________________ 1 2 3 4. ______________________________________________________________________________________ Appellant.
  3. upendra upadhyay

    requirement Second appeal formate

    There is no any proscribed form for second appeal you can use first appeal form and strike off first appeal and write down Second appeal. also check the your states Information commission, Gujarat information commission has proscribe one form for second apeeal and one form of undertaking. check your state"s commission's website for more detail. You can check Gujarat Information Commission's site here : http://gic.gujarat.gov.in/front-page/DownloadFront.aspx
  4. Prasad Sir need Second Appeal format will you help me please. Sent from my RMX1811 using RTI INDIA mobile app
  5. Yesterday
  6. Prasad GLN

    Name Deleted in voter list

    Now it is the problem in many states. When guidance is given, just believe in it and commence something, during the process you may learn more. Also, file this as a grievance in the pgrms online portal of CEO Newdelhi. As members, we can only guide and we can not correct all that happened, and as a citizen, we can only bring the loss of our rights to the CEO. Make attempts and do certainly come back, as your efforts may teach us and we may learn and show to CM that we could do better with RTI than your powers. Jump into action, you are not going to lose anything except Rs.32/- (Rs.10 RTI fee + Rs.22 Registration charges for the post) Even that charges we are paying to our own Government and not a bad expenditure.
  7. rtipatrol

    Name Deleted in voter list

    Sir, People from Rural Area, who have voted for yrs were shocked to see their names deleted.Booth or Voter Slip were not given to many.It is believed that names can be deleted after the demise of the applicant. In some cases, names were present while searching on NVSP website. Updated/supplementary electoral rolls were not available with booth officers.They are allowing only people whose names are present in the electoral roll provided to them by District Collectorate.They do not accept the argument that our names were present in nvsp website. Do not know how to go about on this issue.
  8. Prasad GLN

    Name Deleted in voter list

    The Chief Electoral Officer in the District is District Collector. You can file RTI Application to SPIO, District Collector's office and send it by Registered post. The authorities whoever receive your application is under obligation to transfer the same to that concerned Public Information officer. You can seek such information in one sentence. Information solicited: 1 Please provide the certified copy of the document, ID of applicant basing on which the following names were deleted in the election list. District. Constituency Ward No....Booth No Name of voter. No in card address. There were several notifications from Election commissioners to search in their website for their names and they have given time and accepted applications for voter registration well in advance. Even CM of a state could not get that information as informed by him in press conferences.
  9. rtipatrol

    Name Deleted in voter list

    Many of my friends could not vote as their names were not present or deleted in electoral rolls. Would like to seek information on rules that permit to delete citizens from electoral rolls.Reason for deleting the names, intimation sent to citizens, officer incharge of deletion Should I send the RTI to ECI, New Delhi or State Government
  10. chndrashekhar yadav

    First appeal authority in urban development department maharshtra

    Thanks sir Sent from my Moto E (4) Plus using RTI INDIA mobile app
  11. Prasad GLN

    2nd appeal additional documents

    Always adhere to the sound principle of focussing on information and making the second appeal as brief as possible. If PIO and FAA denied that information and not considered as Life or Liberty clause, then you can submit the same during arguments in personal hearing. If you have quoted the citation to PIO and FAA, then you can attach the same to your present second appeal. However, there is no bar or prescription for enclosures in the second appeal. In second appeal the mandatory documents to be shown as chronological index events at the beginning of the second appeal with self-attestation. (Attested true copy and below signature for all documents) 1.RTI Application dt...........with service proof Page No. 2. SPIO response dt........... Page No. 3. First Appeal with service proof dt........... Page No. 4.FAA orders dt........... Page No. 5.Second appeal dt...........service proof to SPIO. Page No. If the response is nil, you may indicate opposite to the date/page no as NIL.
  12. You can seek such information to the Govt. Hospital to which the patient was referred. Information solicited: Please provide me a copy of the laid down procedure for medical examination in case of MLC patients and provide such a copy given in the past to any court severing the names of patients and name of the court.
  13. Search in google with those keywords as they must have uploaded in their Ministry website.. Members can only provide guidance and can not assist you in providing each and every document necessary for you, as there is no such database available in the forum.
  14. You have been suggested 2 ways. You can search on their website or make a call to SPIO and get a postal address. or post first appeal with a covering to SPIO to transmit the first appeal to FAA as he has not provided that appeal procedure though it is mandatory under RTI Act. If your state RTI Act prescribed no format use simple format. First Appeal under RTI Act dt 20th Apr, 2019 Before: First Appellate Authority, Urban Development Dept.,............. Against: State Public Information officer, Urban Development Dept. Appellant: Grounds for Appeal: SPIO has neither provided information nor denied information stating such reason for denial with justification for RTI Application dt........ As there is no response for more than 45 days, treating the information as a deemed denial of information, this first appeal. Prayer: Appellant prays for directions to SPIO for providing the information free of cost as expeditiously as possible. Appellant.
  15. chndrashekhar yadav

    First appeal authority in urban development department maharshtra

    Sir can any one help me to give pdf of circular sankirn 2018/pra.kra.45/kartay dated 26/11/2018 Sent from my Moto E (4) Plus using RTI INDIA mobile app
  16. chndrashekhar yadav

    First appeal authority in urban development department maharshtra

    Sir no reply or letter is given by pio in 45 days of rti application Sent from my Moto E (4) Plus using RTI INDIA mobile app
  17. When a MLC patient who pleaded in the court for medical examination and court ordered the same, get admitted in the hospital. What was the process undergone by hospital.? I want to know it by RTI. Should I write it as same or some modifications required. Sent from my Redmi 5A using RTI INDIA mobile app
  18. Sir, Can I attach additional documents (like court orders, complaints etc) in my second appeal to substantiate my say to consider my appeal under the life or (and) liberty clause.
  19. Please open new thread. as the posts exceeded 3 pages and always seek guidance in one post. 1)Regarding Swach bharat, reduce the entire facts with PIO reply and report to FAA that SPIO is raising issues unknown in RTI Act like he is not supposed to inform the material used and cost involved. Make point wise representation on each aspect. 2)I remember to have conveyed that you should confirm your date of inspection to PIO. Reduce the entire facts chronologically and report to FAA. "As directed by FAA orders I have with PIO called on.......at......with prior intimation and was informed that the keys are not available for inspection on that working day during working hours. The appellant has wasted precious one day in the larger public interest. Please take up the matter seriously and direct the concerned as a warning under copy to the applicant not to repeat such instances of harassing citizens who visits as per superior's written orders." Please fix another working day on consultation with concerned officials for inspection."
  20. Sir, again when I was at inspection together with PIO on 7/3/2019 at 12:00hrs their main port safety office was closed and PIO said me he don't have the keys of the office to inspect the material on working day and at working hours of the goVt office.. Sent from my vivo 1606 using RTI INDIA mobile app
  21. Sir, as I informed FAA has informed me to connect to PIO to complete the incomplete inspection I have written letter seeking permission for completing further inspection, Sir, here when I seek cost and want to know the details of the material used for construction under swach Bharat funds the PIO replies he is not supposed to inform me that, for exorbant cost involved for developing garden and building toilets, again funds are received for local village and funds are utilized by mgpt for their employees and port purpose, they have leased the port to adani coal terminal and JSW port and have built the road for their purpose worth more than 9cr only on paper and physically they only done the patches for roads work. Kindly help me with good draft for this if possible., Ph No 9158 988 999 Email : SIDEREAL29@gmail.com Sent from my vivo 1606 using RTI INDIA mobile app
  22. Last week
  23. Unfortunately every citizen is having his own personal matters to be taken care of and hardly have personal time to spend with families at a place like Mumbai. In addition this goondaism and group fights , extortions and threatening are usual. BMC corporators are more powerful than MLAs of other districts. If any citizen is having such time, he should file RTI Application and seek information on full details of unauthorised construction, locational address, present status, action taken, pending in Court and the officials responsible for such negligence in duties. In this forum, I have seen such extra ordinary follow up through RTI and then bringing into logical conclusion through PIL by our esteemed member Mr.Bali and he has contributed more insights into tackling this problem. Because of his vast knowledge, perseverance, he could do that at his personal expenses in Punjab state, but in Mumbai we can never dream of that. Why only Mumbai, it is there in Thane, Kalyan and even in Dombvilli also.
  24. It is the duty of SPIO to inform and provide further first appeal procedures with full address of appellate authority. You can search in their webhsite or make a call to SPIO and get postal address. or post first appeal with a covering to SPIO to transmit first appeal to FAA as he has not provided that appeal procedure though it is mandatory under RTI Act. Always send applications and appeals only by Regd post and paste postal receipts on your office copy.
  25. Who is first appl authority in urban development department maharashtra under rti . Sent from my Moto E (4) Plus using RTI INDIA mobile app
  26. Utha their regular duty and misuse of their Power Sent from my Redmi 4 using RTI INDIA mobile app
  27. iamtheboss12

    How to get information about government jobs in INDIA?

    check out more sarkari yojana only on examjagat
  28. phanthinu

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