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  3. Mr.Nataraj, Be practical and consideration. Because the guidance is free, members can not guess to whom you have remitted and their postal address. You have to use your own ways and find it out, as members are having the least idea of your efforts. Contact your friend that advised you to send that amount, without any idea on RTI or laid down procedures under RTI.. Please search in google and find out with the name of the office to whom you have sent and their postal address. There are 20 posts in this thread and still you continue o post the same even when you have been informed that this forum is dedicated o guide citizen members for seeking information under RTI Act and members cannot guess and assume things to the procedure you have adopted and o whom you have sent and what is that website and the payment position of that amount spent.. Een most difficult RTI issues, there can not be more than 5 posts. Without providing any details to whom you have sought the documents you require members for postal address. Take help of your friend that gave that advice as he may be having an idea of the public authority. Someone may guide, but we have to study the process and then only act.
  4. Prasad GLN

    Interim Order passed by Information Commissioner

    You can file RTI Application seeking such information. Application dt...seeking information under RTI Act Before CPIO,.......Registry (name of IC), CIC New Delhi. Public authority: CPIO,.......................... Fee: Postal order No...for Rs.10/- fvg.Accounts officer, CIC payable at New Delhi. Applicant: (Appellant) The subject on the information sought:: n Interim order has been passed by the Information Commissioner on 14.12.2018 directing the CPIO of Public Authority to produce the minutes of board meeting held from 01.04.2016 to 31.03.2017 along with their corresponding agenda as sought in the RTI application for 'in-camera' perusal before the bench at New Delhi on 18.01.2019 at 12.15 PM to decide on the applicability of section 8(1)(a) and 8(1)(d) of RTI Act and the appeal is reserved for final order. Reference No. of Interim order: Information solicited: Please provide present status and provide copies of all documents submitted received. 2. Please provide reasons for the abnormal delay in final orders. 3. Please inform whether a further hearing is necessary for this matter. 4. If orders have been passed, please communicate that speaking order. Place Date Applicant nt (Appellant)
  5. Prasad GLN

    Information on passengers

    Every vehicle that is permitted by RTO states the number of passengers, weight, checks carried out and must display in painting in the vehicle or outside the vehicle, etc. In case of violations, a complaint can be filed by RTO mentioning the Registration vehicle no.... There may be routine checks on high ways both by Police dept., and every year by RTO for fitness certificate. First, get the details from RTO through certified copies and then report violations. Information solicited: 1. Please provide terms and conditions that a transport vehicle (Passenger/goods transport) should maintain as per the sanction of route permits. such as seating capacity, cargo, first aid box fitness certificate etc,
  6. Ok I am ready to pay 10/- and witch address I have to send that I am sending sir what is the postal address I have to send sir? Sent from my CPH1859 using RTI INDIA mobile app
  7. Immediately file RTI Application to State Public Information officer, Sub-registrar office and ask him whether they have received Rs.398/- sent by...................................on.......................through instamojo payment sit. Information solicited: 1. The applicant has sent Rs.398 on......through instamjo payment site for the purpose of certified copies, EC etc....................Please inform whether the amount was received by your office. 2. Please inform the procedure to get the refund of money as SPIO has not provided any information. There is a format of RTI Application in Karnataka, apply in that prescribed format, paste Rs.10/- adhesive court fee stamp and wait for the reply. This is the maximum guidance that can be given for attempting to get your money back. Your issue is not connected to RTI for this forum is dedicated. Please learn a lesson to first study the procedure, consult those who know those things and then proceed.
  8. I paidmode on instamojo payment sit Sent from my CPH1859 using RTI INDIA mobile app
  9. Sorry I paid 398/-rs sir Sent from my CPH1859 using RTI INDIA mobile app
  10. I agree your words but I paid 399rs by rti website but I cont upload that screenshot on this if you provide email I'd I can forward that sir Sent from my CPH1859 using RTI INDIA mobile app
  11. Gurlovleen

    Information on passengers

    Need to know about allowed number of passengers to transport in government buses, checks carried out, officer and departments responsible to carry out checks,check first aid box in buses.
  12. An Interim order has been passed by the Information Commissioner on 14.12.2018 directing the CPIO of Public Authority to produce the minutes of board meeting held from 01.04.2016 to 31.03.2017 along with their corresponding agenda as sought in the RTI application for 'in-camera' perusal before the bench at New Delhi on 18.01.2019 at 12.15 PM to decide on the applicability of section 8(1)(a) and 8(1)(d) of RTI Act and the appeal is reserved for final order. So far no final order has been passed. Can I send a reminder to the Hon'ble Information Commissioner.
  13. Prasad GLN

    format for second appear hearing authorization

    No uniform format has been prescribed. Her attendance is also not needed. That is just a formality. Please mail a copy in advance and retain one copy with you for showing it to Commission.. Before .................Information commission,..................... File No: Against: SPIO,........................ Appellant:..................................... Authorisation letter for representing the appellant for hearing on..................... Appellant humbly submits that she could not attend hearing on.........................and hereby authorizes her husband Sri................................for representing her and submitting the grounds of appeal and praying for such remedies under RTI Act. He may be permitted to attend the hearing on the basis of this authorization letter Shri ............................Signs as.................................................................... Appellant
  14. Prasad GLN

    2nd appeal

    Have you written on the top as heading Noncompliance of SIC Orders Complaint If not send it once again to SIC. Before Karnataka State Information Commission, Bangalore Decision No: Against: State Public Information Officer,.............. Complainanant:............................ Complaint on Non compliance of SIC orders. Appellant submit that SPIO, has not implemented the orders of SIC as referred above, inspite of sending such non compliance notice. Appellant prays for directions to SPIO to provide the information as expeditiously as possible. {lace Date Appellant. I have read the post and noted your concern. But it is not proper to point out the mistake of IC, hence let them realize the mistake in their orders through this complaint. Also file fresh RTI Application and state the SIC decision. Mark this complaint to spio and enclose a copy of RTI Application relevant to that SIC decision.

    2nd appeal

    I wrote to the FAA on 24/01/2019 as told above. After 30 days I wrote (request not complaint) to the SIC where I received a letter from the Under Secretary KIC informing me that my request cannot be considered and the matter(2nd appeal ) has already been settled on 20/12/2018 as ordered by SIC. Will I be able to get the information.
  16. My wife has got a notice for second appeal hearing which i had filed on her behalf. I want to join the hearing along with her. the notice says that "The appellant/complainant may present his/her case(s) in person or through his/her duly authorized representative". Is there any format for giving authorization to me from her so that i can join the hearing along with her. And after authorization, will we both be able to join or will it be only one of us?
  17. Sunil Ahya

    Inspection of General Diary at Police Station

    Description of Information Required: 1. In-accordance with the provision of section 2(j)(i) of the RTI Act, kindly provide me with an inspection of XX documents. Please note that, during the process of aforesaid inspection, I shall select the required information, kindly do provide me with a certified photocopy of such selected information on the payment of prescribed fees.
  18. Mr.Nataraj, In case of Registration dept matters like obtaining certified copies, EC etc., they have such laid down norms for issue of such documents they have their own set of rules even before the enactment of RTI Act and they should prevail. RTI fees are fixed like Rs.10/- per application, Rs.2/- per A4 size copy payable only after receiving calculation and demand for such payment by State Public Information officers. It appears to me you are confused between RTI and registration copies and remitted the amount to Registrar's office through RTI website. As they have not provided those documents within 30 days, you can send a notice to them to return that amount as expeditiously as possible in your name in the form of Demand draft.
  19. I paid by rti website only sir Sent from my CPH1859 using RTI INDIA mobile app
  20. Prasad GLN

    Sir /madam does mysore race club comes under RTI

    Please make a written complaint to the Authority that controls such Race clubs in Karnataka. Seek information under RTI about Govt directives on such maintenance of Race clubs. After getting such directives/control measures, personally, study violations vis a vis laid down norms. . List out violations with such clause numbers. Make a comprehensive complaint to that public authority. After one month makes a follow up on action taken on your complaint. As per my knowledge, each punter brings his physio and doctor in his own interest and do not look for some one's assistance in a critical hour. Even otherwise Emergency ambulances are available and they are fitted with life-saving equipment and can reach any part of the city within 15 minutes for receiving the call.
  21. Prasad GLN

    Does mysore race club comes under RTI

    This is a very serious matter and the issue is in the larger public interest. Immediately issue a Registered notice to Commissioner of MC and for taking immediate action. File RTI Application and seek information on action taken on your complaint, steps taken to avoid likely hazards. Wait for one month, and send a petition to Chief Justice Karnataka High Court and request him to take your petition as PIL and pray for directions to MMC. If I remember, your Municipal Corporation received several awards for their functioning and No.1 in the entire country. They can not neglect such a serious problem for the public.
  22. Prasad GLN

    Women Right on Ancestral Properties

    You can search it on google and you can find hundreds of articles on such rights. As per my knowledge grandchildren are not Class 1 legal heirs while their father is living and can not seek partition. Only after the death of grandparents, if parents are not living, one has to issue a notice to the other co-sharer/heir that is enjoying the property and demand for partition, and if a partition is refused she must approach a court of justice. This is more a legal problem and as this is a dedicated forum for RTI matters, you can not get any guidance. Even if you want to get guidance from several such forums, you have to provide full details on the fundamental issue.
  23. I do not know your state's orders but in Andhra Pradesh, Higher Education dept. has given a clear directive that HRD/UGC/AICTE must be implemented and that original must be returned to the student immediately on demand. The proper procedure is issuing a notice under CP Act under copy to UGC and after 15 days informing to UGC under copy to college and after one month to file a complaint before District consumer forum. All these costs nothing except postage. As per UGC directives if two or more students complaint, the recognition will be canceled and that is the power of that directive and concern for students. I am not treating it in the wrong way. I only advised you that you have to open a new thread, and should not post in a thread not related to your issue. This is part of the guidance. I am also a member like you and every member of the forum is treated with equal dignity and respect.
  24. First you should have knowledge of such property details like Registration No, Survey No extent . If it is agricultural land, you can get the details from Office of Tehasildar and also if it is registered from Sub Registar of that area. Remember that if you are not in occupation for more than 13 years, your title cease to exist and the other party can claim adverse possession. Inspect the property, contact the locals and make hurry. The issue is not clear on to whom you have sent the money, purpose what is the status of that money now. On what basis you have sent the money date of such remittance.
  25. My friend say from rti you can get right documents and all kind of information. Thats whey I post my reqvested and I paid sir so can I get it or not reply me sir Sent from my CPH1859 using RTI INDIA mobile app
  26. I want to know my father property saledid and ec copy's can I get from tried or not? Sent from my CPH1859 using RTI INDIA mobile app
  27. Sir it was regarding getting original certificates from the institution as none are abiding UGC norms . After approaching local authorities it was returned to me after police intervention and I am sorry as you took wrong way sir it was published in Deccan Chronicle,Will follow the forum rules hereafter. Sent from my Redmi Note 6 Pro using RTI INDIA mobile app
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