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  2. Prasad GLN

    Private College fee issues.

    Yes. An institution is not a lodge to come and go as one likes. The college has limited seats, and if a student abandons a course in the middle, in the mid semesters of the entire course, they can not get such vacant post filled as per regulations. For example, if a student joins a course of 4 semesters, complete one semester and discontinued, for the three remaining semesters, the college can not get a student, and it has to suffer financial loss through fees of the remaining semesters. NCDRC ruled that a student must not put an institution to such loss and should compensate the college. The college expenses and capacity of the seats are limited and fixed because a student discontinued, they can not dismantle the building block or ask a lecturer to resign, etc. It may be true that some students may drop due to their weak financial position, to fill up the gap Govt has taken up for reimbursing the fees of below poverty line students and all nationalized banks are financing for such courses. If such students after availing the reimbursement abandon a course in the middle, he has to refund that fees to Government as per aP Govt GO. AP government has also issued GO to all colleges not to retain originals of qualification certificates as security for future fees.
  3. damodard29

    Disproportionate asset complaint

    Thank you Sir.. Sent from my vivo 1606 using RTI INDIA mobile app
  4. Harisrmite

    Private College fee issues.

    If we discontinue any course before completion in a private college should we pay the full course fee as demanded by the management? (Is it legally correct for the college to ask full course fee?)
  5. Prasad GLN

    College withholding documents

    Issue a Registered Notice to The principal requesting for the return of original documents handed for verification within 15 days as per UGC/HRD directives and mark copy to University Grants Commission and HRD, New Delhi. Please search in the forum for similar replies in the past on the same issue where the directives were also stated. Legally you have to pay that amount for abandoning the course in the middle causing financial loss to the college and for this they can not keep your original documents. Both issues are separate. They must return the documents as and when student demands as per UGC/HRD/AICTE directives.
  6. Prasad GLN

    Disproportionate asset complaint

    The forum is confined to guiding members under RTI Act and members can not draft such complaints and offer secretarial services on such disproportionate assets etc., without facts, figures and purpose. There is no prescribed format. You can just write a complaint stating such salary of the official, designation, and a number of years of service he has completed. Give a list of assets and market value, date of acquisition and give the total value of assets. Justify your complaint comparing with his take-home pay x years of service minus 30% minimum sustenance = Maximum salary that can be saved. Ex: to Supdt of Police, ACB or CVC or...relevant authority. The complaint is against Sri........................designation...............presently working at..............................on his disproportionate assets. 1. The official's take-home pay as on was Rs......, and he has completed .....years of service., and the maximum savings cannot exceed Rs............ 2. The following is a list of assets. Nature of asset.....Probable date of acquisition......location with the number....Approximate value in lakhs. a b c d Total. 3.As a sincere employee cannot acquire such assets without resorting to corruption, this complaint for an investigation into his acquisition of disproportionate assets in the larger public interest. Complainant.
  7. Sir, Please help me with the draft letter regarding subject complaint I need to file against the goVt officer for having done the such crimes for holding un accountable disproportionate assets.. Sent from my vivo 1606 using RTI INDIA mobile app
  8. Yesterday
  9. I want to discontinue B.Sc. course from Indian Academy Degree college- Autonomous, Bangalore as I want to pursue B.Tech. When asked for my certificates management is demanding to pay full course fee of 3 years to return my documents. I want my certificates without paying any extra money. Please help.
  10. Prasad GLN

    Sec 8 (1) (h)

    Invariably state information solicited in one sentence and the denial also, if possible state need for such information (self-interested or others)
  11. bansal_shveta

    Help with property delay

    Thanks for your guidance Sent from my Lenovo K8 Plus using RTI INDIA mobile app
  12. Last week
  13. As usual, make a complaint to the Ministry of Shipping by Regd. post and follow it up with RTI on the status of your complaint.
  14. Prasad GLN

    Help with property delay

    I presume that EMI is with a banker for loan sanctioned by them. A banker is not concerned with such delays. The financier is concerned only with carrying out disbursements to the builder as per directions of a borrower. The builder was chosen by the borrower himself. A banker is not concerned with such delays etc. The amount was advanced for a purpose and repayment should be made as per schedule. The borrower is a person or two with limited time and amount at his disposal whereas a Builder is an established organization with a lot of networks backed by men, money, and machinery to fight out a case. The only thing that can be done is fighting as a group with trust on each other and entrusting the issue to a competent advocate. Competency is different from sincerity. A competent may not be sincere, and a sincere may not be competent.
  15. bansal_shveta

    Help with property delay

    Hi, I am seeking some guidance can buyer stop emi if builder defaults; without any impact on credit score? Also, what can be done to check that the court case we have filed is not unnecessarily delayed or in other words determine incompetence at advocate level. Please guide Sent from my Lenovo K8 Plus using RTI INDIA mobile app
  16. Sir, I would like to inform you that M. V. Narmada Container Ship has been banned by the MPT for it's mechanical failure in self crane on board.. Now same ship has change its name as libra se and expected to berth on coming Sunday in same crane break dawn condition and MPT is supporting the ship for loading and unloading with shore crane of the port, I suspect sheer corruption in this and this also against the safety law and trade in sea, Sir, please help me to advise in such case where and how this to be reported. Sent from my vivo 1606 using RTI INDIA mobile app
  17. Prasad GLN

    Complaint on Express drivers and conductors

    @Samuel Lalmasawma, This forum is in no way connected to Govt. Services and is voluntary of forum of members for getting guidance under RTI Act. Make a written complaint to Chairman, Telangana RTC, Hyderabad mentioning The date, time, vehicle No...travelling from...to...and narrate each incident and request Chairman to look into the attitude of their staff towards travelers. Hope you may get a reply.
  18. Shree Vathsan

    First appeal

    Finally I received a couple of days back the entire copy of records sought. As Prasadji said registration certificate is available but insurance is not. Thank you. Sent from my SM-J510FN using RTI INDIA mobile app
  19. Sunil Ahya

    Sec 8 (1) (h)

    Has the PIO sufficiently justified and given detailed reasons for invoking section 8(1)(h)? If not, then please read the blog on the following link to learn more: http://jps50.blogspot.com/2014/06/justification-for-reasons-for-denial.html
  20. Sunil Ahya

    Women Right on Ancestral Properties

    Please read section 6 onwards and the Schedule of the Hindu Succession Act, 1956 on the following link: https://www.vakilno1.com/bareacts/hindusuccessionact/hindusuccessionact.html I have quoted below the Schedule for your immediate reference:
  21. Mr.Nataraj I feel that I am not catching your point. You have to search where you have lost the money. Send a Registered notice to the authority to whom you have sent money and seek a refund. Wait for 15 days and file RTI Application and seek information on the status of your notice and reasons for not refunding. You might have done a mistake. But that is not all. You can learn costliest lessons with small amounts through this small mistake of Rs.398/- Explore RTI and learn. My only point is you have never stated to whom you have sent your money and to whom you have written as a request for such certified copies. Unless you inform details, it is not possible for us to guess. Please proceed and learn RTI in this way. NOTE: This is not a Govt. website.
  22. journalist




  23. journalist



  24. Harsha Uchil

    Trace wrong ownership on Patta/Khata document

    Thank you much for your prompt response. Will follow up as recommended. Regards.
  25. Simply I wast my money of 39i/- no problem sir I think this matter you have to forget sir I will also forget ok sir I am sorry for everything I distarbe you people sorry so sorry I appalagais for that Sent from my CPH1859 using RTI INDIA mobile app
  26. It meens I spend my money ok I am not taking sersely what I spend 398/- love it sir I never pay any amount on government web site ithimk pravite people is best they never gaving this kind of answer sir ok any way thanks Good buy Sent from my CPH1859 using RTI INDIA mobile app
  27. Prasad GLN

    Trace wrong ownership on Patta/Khata document

    Yes. You can file RTI Application to concerned Tehasildar or Revenue officer that can affect such mutations and seek information. Information solicited: 1. Please provide all copies of documents, including such applications, recommendations, inspection, notes, etc. entries in registers basing on which in Patta No..................of village............................., the name of ......................................was deleted and the name of.......................................was added. 2. Please provide the names of all employees that are concerned with such deletion/addition stating their role in making such deletions and additions. A copy of patta is enclosed for reference.
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