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  2. vikrama07

    Appeal under RTI Act, 2005

    Sri Prasad, GLN garu thank you very much for the reply. It is very useful for us. thanking you vikram
  3. vikrama07

    Appeal under RTI Act, 2005

    Sri Avinash garu, you are right. , the matter has been posted in the forum to have the expert opinion and to provide information in proper way to you, as it was not done earlier. regards Vikram
  4. vikrama07

    Appeal under RTI Act, 2005

    Sri Prasad, GLN garu thank you very much for the reply. It is very useful for us. thanking you vikram
  5. Prasad GLN

    Appeal under RTI Act, 2005

    In this forum, both PIOs and citizens are treated the same and the spirit of RTI Act is important. Forum is always impartial and members are guiding only on precedents. I appreciate the sincerity of PIO member/FAA as they wish to know the correct position, without denying information on invented grounds and seeking clarification. These kinds of gestures to learn more reduces burden both at FAA and Second appeal level. 1. There are different forms of seeking information. ( like Information in letter form, inspection, copies, and certified copies ) If the information was sought in the form of certified copies, it should be given only in that form. In this specific case, website information downloading is not difficult, but the applicant can not get such certified copies as applications are never uploaded. There are several instances, whenever certain information is required on such card holders, Civil supplies department deleted such information from the website. Advising applicant to download is not improper but not correct without confirming himself whether all that information is really available in the website or not. In one sentence: When certified copies are solicited, PIO has to provide certified copies only. 2. Any document that is received by Public authority to avail welfare schemes becomes a Public record with authority and it is no more personal information. PIO must provide such information in the larger public interest as those citizens not deserving such benefits should not avail Govt subsidy schemes. (But in several cases filed by me they have never provided such information and the stock answer is records not traceable, name deleted) 2. Like any other public record, as the information is not exempted, the documents should be provided to the applicant.
  6. avinash_hyd007

    Appeal under RTI Act, 2005

    I think this is the 1st Appeal filed by myself before Telangana State Civil Supplies Department seeking information. I'm unable to understand how my 1st Appeal contents has been shared in this App.... However, experts may offer their respective suggestions on this issue... Sent from my LM-Q710.FGN using RTI INDIA mobile app
  7. You may file two such same RTI applications once again, one in your name, and another in the name of your friend. The one that is filed by you would be signed by you and the other which is filed in the name of your friend would be signed by him. The RTI applications would be exactly the same. Let the PIO pursue his point of view, at the same time, you too pursue your point of view (i.e. first appeal, second appeal, complaint etc.) for seeking the requested information.
  8. Yesterday
  9. vikrama07

    Appeal under RTI Act, 2005

    Sir/Madam, It is informed that an activist has made an application under RTI Act, 2005 seeking the certified/attested list of Food Security Cardholders by mentioning their names, FSC numbers, income declaration details. profession details etc., In turn, the applicant has been informed that the details the Food Security Cardholders are available on departmental website and can go through the same. However, the applicant was not satisfied with the reply and filed an appeal before the Appellate Authority, citing the Orders Passed in Appeal No. 10608/CIC/2010 dated 31/08/2012 and has state that PIO cannot ask applicant to download the information from the website and PIO in this case, has been directed to provide the information in the shaope of hardcopy free of cost to the applicant. In this regard, it is requested to advise on the following. 1) is it wrong to advise the applicant to download the details of Food Security Cardholders from the Government Official Website. 2) Can we provide the details of income and profession of the Food Security Cardholders without their knowledge. Further, our office do not have the details of income and profession of all the cardholders, as they have been uploaded online and the information is available with NIC. 3) Can we give the Certified/Attested details of the Food Security Cardholders in hardcopy to the applicant. Please guide
  10. @ravindralko Sir, Can you please elaborate on the relevance of your post for knowledge of members. The SC stipulation is confined only for corruption alone.
  11. Prasad GLN

    Excess payment made to government servant

    This is just moral responsibility of every citizen, to refund any amount paid by others including government--If such amount is paid by mistake. The government can recover such amounts somehow lawfully after issuing such notices to the pensioner. But when Railways provided such compassionate appointment and helped the pensioner, it is more moral responsibility. This refund by daughter without any legal process from Railways saves a lot of manhours and amounts to Railways. Railways also recognize such good gesture by its own employees, and by this gracious response, the daughter may be saving the career of another railway employee who committed such mistake as railway management has authority to recover such amount calculated by negligent employee. Members cannot decide the issue and not connected to rti.
  12. Last week
  13. Any one can file complaint. It is the duty of PIO to file such complaint as he can not ignore such crimes. His duty comes to end with that routine complaint. But no one can proceed further, as there is no money involved. Your friend can give a statement to them, he himself has authorised you to sign his name, as he is away.
  14. But Sir the Public Information Officer has filed a report against me. Sent from my RMX1811 using RTI INDIA mobile app
  15. So nice response sir Sent from my vivo 1804 using RTI INDIA mobile app
  16. यदि रेलवे में पिता की मृत्यु के अनुकम्पा आधार पर नौकरी पाने वाले कर्मचारी को विभागीय चूक से सर्विस जॉइन करने के बाद excess फॅमिली पेंशन भुगतान हुआ है तो क्या उसकी CG पर नौकरी लगने के बाद अनमैरिड डॉटर द्वारा फैमली पेंशन की विभाग से मांग करने पर EXCESS पेमेंट की रिकबरी पेंशन जारी करने से पूर्व ,जमा करने हेतु सेकंड BENEFICIERI होने के कारण पुत्री को विभाग द्वारा निर्देशित किया जा सकता है। Sent from my vivo 1804 using RTI INDIA mobile app
  17. Mr.Nataraj, Unless you post the issue like the purpose of sending the amount, to whom, etc., members can not guide you. Even if it is not RTI, no member should go empty handed without guidance from the forum. Please post the details of your issue. You may be assuming that you do not need help of RTI, but there may be ways that you can get a remedy through RTI.
  18. Prasad GLN

    RTI applies on private universities or not?

    Sri Harinder Dhingra is not visiting this forum but continuing his fights with Public authorities he is well known RTI activist. In spite of his efforts in bringing several crores income to Haryana Government by unearthing several financial scams through RTI, employment, etc., he has yet to receive due recognition from Government. Query: In which matter they have been declared as Public Authority Especially Amity University Reply: They have been declared as Public Authorities under RTI Act and were brought within the ambit of RTI Act.
  19. Ok sir I don't need any help from rti can refund my amount sir Sent from my CPH1859 using RTI INDIA mobile app
  20. Certainly, you have done a crime. But your motive is not for any unlawful gain to you or unlawful loss to anyone. Though your friend's letter can not erase/wipe your crime, he is the affected person, and if he has no objection, nothing can happen to you. Do not fear and always use your own name. If you are worried about your safety, request your friend to sign his name as an applicant. Keep silent and nothing can happen. Never do that again.
  21. The fact is that I did an RTI in the name of my friend.But there was a mistake in signing it.I did not take a friend's signature in it.And I made my signature.Now pio is threatening to sue me under 420.Pio demanded a memorandum from my friend.So my friend has given the consent letter.Still pio wants to sue me.I want to know that if I made an RTI in the name of my friend and the signature in it is mine. So can I be sued on 420? To understand more, the RTI application and the consent letter are attached. Sent from my RMX1811 using RTI INDIA mobile app
  22. Santanu D

    RTI applies on private universities or not?

    @harinder dhingra @harinder dhingra In which matter they have been declared as Public Authority Especially Amity University
  23. Prasad GLN

    Retailers Charge for bags

    Let us admit the fact that there is no free lunch in business. Though NCDRC ruled that retailer cannot charge for such bags, no one has stopped, if someone has stopped take it granted that he might have included the cost of the bag in some other item. Google and find out the NCDRC decision against collecting the cost of bags and it may help you.
  24. Make all attempts, do not assume things, let them state their objections if any. Continue your efforts and do not get doubts as you are not investing any huge amounts. It costs only Rs.22/- for a Registered post.
  25. Prasad GLN

    Permission copy for construction

    File a fresh application and quote their past reference and preferably on the other side of your application paste xerox of their response for easy location of the file.
  26. Prasad GLN

    Inspection of General Diary at Police Station

    Remember there were never restrictions in RTI Act in seeking any information and those exemptions with justification must be stated by PIO with his denial of information. Seek information as a right for any public record, if it is denied, before going for appeal come back for guidance. and prepare a pucca first appeal.
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