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A n unstable govt and the RTI. Where both stand?

Take the example of TN. I filed an RTI in the month of August 2016. Then so many twists and turn in the state with the death of the then CM till now no one actually accepts there is a govt running.. even i asked PIO to return my application along with attachments but so far no good. Can I go to justice? please advise..



irresponsive pios...

sir, how to go ahead if time limit for appeal is not adhered to by applicant due to unavoidable circumstances? due to recent situations in Tamil Nadu since an year due to rain havoc, poilitical disturbances etc,, the entire system seems to be sleeping. how to wake it up? even i wrote a letter to the concerned pio, that if not willing to reply to kindly return my application. can i go in consumer forum for lack of service? please advise. thanking you..



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