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information more than 20yrs denied

Sir   Sent RTI application to P.I.O commissioner Patiala, mini secretariat, Patiala for information regarding date of registration of power of attorney.   PIO replied as the information is more than 20yrs old so that can not be supplied. copy of reply attached in punjabi.   please guide under RTI act any ruling that old record information more than 20yrs can not be supplied.   Any judgement regarding this.   regards   p k gupta



photocopies of original file regarding allotment of plot

My friend applied for photocopies of file from department of industries but PIO sent reply that we can not provide the copies AS THE party concerned has written that not to provide the information to anybody as that plot is not alloted to the appicant but alloted to non applicant, How get the record of that file, Want some judgement or RTI act section wch clarify that third party can ask for the record copies.   pkumarguptaa xxx@yyy.zzz - Deleted email id - posting against forum rules



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