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  • jps50

    NON-COMPLIANCE OF ORDERS OF CIC/SIC –Administrative Remedy

    By jps50

    Of late defiance of orders of Information Commissioners has become rampant. The only remedy with the information seeker is to lodge a complaint with Chief Information Commissioner, who routinely issues another order for compliance that too after a delay ranging from 6 to 36 months depending upon efficiency and pendency of CIC/SIC. Commissions hardly invoke powers of Civil Court vested in it u/s 18.3 to ensure speedy compliance with its own orders. Hence I suggest that if after two months of
  • Priya De

    PIO Acts that makes you hate RTI ACT

    By Priya De

    How many times have you been asked to inspect the document when you have never requested? Ideally, if you have not applied for inspection of the document and the information requested is not voluminous, PIO should not ask the applicant to come for inspection of the document. PIO Acts that makes you hate RTI ACT But naturally, it is not the way. It is an easy way for PIO to first Get to know who is an actual RTI Applicant Intimidate the applicant by various means E
  • Priya De

    Four Biggest Mistakes you can avoid in your RTI Application

    By Priya De

    The Right to Information Act 2005 empowers every citizen to ask for information from Government Organisations. This information can be about your own personal case or more complex Government Policy. The Act also empowers us to take photocopies of the Government records and also online data in a form of CD. However, often PIO being Government Servant who perhaps is also the custodian of the information has a conflict of interest in giving out such information. Every Government Official at on
  • Sunil Ahya

    Kindly do not worry about the exemptions at the stage of filing a RTI application.

    By Sunil Ahya

    Kindly do not worry about the exemptions at the stage of filing a RTI application, as reasoned below:   As per section 7(1): A PIO is supposed to either provide the information on payment of such fee as may be prescribed or reject the request for any of the reasons specified in sections 8 and 9   (Which means a PIO is supposed to either provide information or deny it under section 8 and 9). As per section 19(5): In any appeal proceedings, the onus to prove that a den
  • karira

    Guide to drafting a good RTI application

    By karira

    Guide to drafting a good RTI application Drafting a good RTI application can be as easy as writing a simple leave letter. As long as the applicant knows the basics of the RTI Act 2005, drafting an application, requesting for information from any public authority, is little more than child’s play. 1. Pre-requisites: Your full name and address have to mentioned in the application. If you so wish, you can also mention your telephone number and email id, although this is optional.
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