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Applying RTI for Central Government Ministries through Post Offices




With the coming into force in toto of the Right to Information Act, 2005 on 12th October, 2005, the Department of Posts has the responsibility to implement the Act after a decision taken by the Prime Minister of India that the Department of Posts should provide its services to the whole of Central Government as a collection point for request for information under the Act by designating its CAPIOs as CAPIOs for the entire Central Government.


2. The Department has already designated CAPIOs at each of the Districts across the country. The officers in charge of the computerized Customer Care Centres set up during the Ninth and Tenth Five Year Plans have been identified to act as CAPIOs for the Department and to forward the requests for information pertaining to the Department to the Central Public Information Officer concerned. The CAPIOs of the Department are also to act as such on behalf of other Public Authorities under the Central Government and will be required to forward the requests pertaining to these other public authorities to a central address in each of them which would be notified as the list of these addresses is finalized.


Additions to the list of CAPIOs


3. Certain additions to the list of CAPIOs might be considered necessary by the heads of circles to make the collection points easily accessible to the public. The Chief Postmaster General of the circle may add any such CAPIOs to the list notified by issuing a notification from the circle level with copies endorsed to the Directorate and PTC, Mysore for necessary updation of the relevant records.


4. The CAPIO may also be required to receive appeals made to various departmental appellate authorities or to the Central Information Commission in cases where the citizen is not satisfied with the response of the CPIO. No fee is applicable in appeal cases. No receipt would be required in such cases but an acknowledgement for receiving the application along with date of application will be necessary.


Collection of fees and accounting thereof


The procedure in respect of the fee collected on behalf of the other Ministries shall be worked out in detail and conveyed separately. Till the procedure of their accounting, remittance etc are worked out, the fee collected in cash should be deposited in the Post Office every day and a proper record of the amount thus collected and deposited on behalf of each public authority may be kept. The amount collected will be adjusted in accordance with the procedure that is finalized by the Central Government in this regard.


Abstracts from the details from Department of Posts here: goo.gl/1OIiZ



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