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Shocking Info: Can RTI help



Seeing a report on Makkal TV this evening reminded me of the tension Sandra Bullock goes through when she finds a bridge supposedly complete has a wide gap in between.

Today's report showed that Rs.1.5 crores had been sanctioned for mulberry cultivation, production of silkworms and construction of residential buildings for the workers/farmers/labourers.

However no funds were in reality distributed for the purposes defined and the land shown in the report was full of weeds, undergrowth sporting a single run-down building in the said Vellore district of Tamil Nadu.

If media report is right, huge funds are going down the drain with officials claiming they want to raise the quality of the poor but doing nothing in that direction.

If the report is false the media is taking the viewers for a ride and confusing the public about what part to believe and what to ignore of the news that is reported.

Have any of you come across such incidents?


Recommended Comments

Make your RTI application asking your questions/requisite information along with fee.And send the same to the Concerned department(s)

1.Department responsible for providing funds for the said work.

2.CPIO of State Public Relation Department or CPIO Ministry of Broad Casting and requesting them to provide the documentry proofs/basis on which such news was aired/brodcast/shown.

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Thank you.

It will be a while by the time I do that because I have my aged mother staying with me now and I cannot do any running around for at least a month.

Thank you all the same.

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