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Second appeal/Complaint to CIC:format



The Right to Information Act, 2005



Appeal/Complaint before



August Kranti Bhavan, Bhikaji Kama Place,

NEW DELHI 110066



Appeal / Complaint No. ________dated__________

[For office use only]



As I am aggrieved by decision/no decision of Central Public


Information Officer and/or First Appellate Authority, I hereby


file this appeal/complaint for your kind decision.


1. Details of appellant/complainant


1.1 Full Name:


1.2. Full Address:


1.3 Phone/Cell No.:


1.4 Email ID:


2. Details of CPIO:


2.1 Name/Designation:


2.2 Full Address:



2.3 Name of Public Authority:



3. Details of First Appellate Authority [FAA]:


3.1 Name/Designation of the FAA:



3.2 Full Address of FAA:




4. Dates of RTI application/first appeal:


4.1 To CPIO: ________ & mailed on: _________


4.2 To FAA: ________ & mailed on: _________


5. Particulars of Decisions:


5.1 Reference No & Date of CPIO’s Decision:


5.2 Reference No & Date of FAA’s Decision:


5.3 Date/s of personal hearing by FAA:



6. Dates of receipt of replies by appellant/complainant from:


6.1 CPIO:


6.2 FAA:



7. Details of information sought:






8. Brief facts of the case:



9. Reasons/grounds for this appeal / complaint:





10. Any other information in support of appeal/complaint:




11. Prayer/relief sought for:





12. Grounds for prayer/relief sought for:









13. Personal Presence at hearing: YES / NO



14. Declaration:


I hereby state that the information and particulars given above are true to the best of my knowledge and belief. I also declare that this matter is not previously filed with this commission nor is pending with any Court or tribunal or authority.





Place: Date: Signature of appellant/complainant


For prayers please visit



Recommended Comments

Guest rishraM


The format is too lengthy for a common man. And as soon need arises for a common man to approach a RTI activist or a lawyer the whole thing collapses.

We should insist on a simple hand written appeal with original application encl. Mere ref of the rejection by PIO/CPIO/APPELLATE auth should suffice. And only one copy should to CIC should be enough.

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Now there is no more compulsory requirement of writing or typing Appeals before CIC or incurring postal expenses. You can do all this on-lline .

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  • Moderators

Online system is still not working satisfactorily, as reported by some members. It is yet to stabilise.

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I respectfully beg to differ with RishraM.


As far as I understand, the presented format is more of a guideline rather than a mandatory requirement . The form has been prescribed so that the Appellant does not miss out on any information which would be relevant for the purpose of taking a decision . It would also help the Commission - in most cases - to decide on the appeals without the need for calling the appellant from far off places .


And I also disagree that the Form is too lengthy or complicated . It is only summarising the dates and pleas taken in the Appeal .


And again, there is no insistence on the part of the Commission to send in a typed appeal . There cannot be any bar on sending handwritten appeals so long as the letters are clearly visible .


Finally, in case anyone is having difficulty in filing up the Form, please feel free to consult the Experts here who give their advice for free ( Thanks to them , I am on the fast track to becoming one myself !! ) .

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This is for jps50 (J P Shah ? ) . Would you please be kind enough to give me specific instances of problems faced by people in filing RTI appeals on-line before CIC . What exactly is the nature of the problem ? Dead links ? System hangs ! Links do not open . Be sure that I would get this rectified in flat 7 working days , if I have specific details , who tried to file on-line, and at which stage he/she got held up ?

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I will have a look at the indicated links and will revert asap.

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