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Method of buying Time by PIO.

Dr. M. Faiyazuddin


I narrate before you a very interesting situation with regard to my RTI application. I sought some information under RTI from a PIO but he did not reply even after the expiry of 45 days. I sent him a reminder. Then he sent his reply stating that the postman did not find my address and reported that no one lived at the address written by me. I again sent him a letter stating that if no one lived at the address written by me, then why did he intimate this information at the same address? This is how the time is bought by the PIOs.


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Dr. M. Faiyazuddin


Thank you Advocate Rajesh for your comments to my blogs. Please keep reading and commenting.



Dr. M. Faiyazuddin

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laughter cracking incidence.

that PIO is trapped in his own words. he needs a memorable punishment.

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Dear Dr Faiyazuddin


I am of late observing a serious trend which has caught up with the PIO's of delaying the provision of information. The strategy is to deny the information under Sec 8 after waiting for 30 days. Then we appeal under Sec 19. The PIO and the 1st AA go hand in glove and the 1st AA upholds the decision. Another 30 days goes by. Then we appeal under 2nd appeal. This takes years for disposal. Till such time, the sought after information looses its significance or undergoes changes to protect interests. I am of the strong opinion that a time limit of 90 days needs to be fixed for disposal of 2nd appeal, otherwise RTI also will end up like IPC, CrPC and other laws. All teeth but not good to bite. I request members to think on this.

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