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21 successful consumer complaint cases under RTI giving compensation to Applicant



I am attaching list of successful consumer complaints at various District Consumer Forums.

List of Decisions of Consumer Forum as of 20-01-2012 Hon’ble District Consumer Dispute Redressal Forums as under have ordered supply of information and compensation to applicants of RTI Act 2005:

  1. Decision dated 30.11.2011 of II Addl Bangalore in CC/1714/2011,
  2. Decision dated 19/05/2011 of Faridkot in  CC/102/2011. 
  3. Decision dated 09/11/2011 of Ludhiana in CC/ 662/2011. 
  4. Decision dated 25/03/2011 of Tuticorin in CC/59/2010.
  5. Decision dated 29/04/2011of  Vizianagaram in CC/ 116/2010
  6. Decision dated 08/09/2011 of Mohali  in CC/249/2011
  7. Decision dated 28.05.2009 of IInd Addl. Bangalore in CC/162/2009. 
  8. Decision dated 20/04/2010 of  Mandi, H.P in CC/14/2009. 
  9. Decision dated 21/05/2009 of Mumbai South  in SMF/MUM/301/2009.
  10. Decision dated 24/05/2011 of  Nizamabad in CC/41/2010
  11. Decision dated 29/11/2011 of Pune in F/564/2010
  12. Decision dated 07/01/2011 of Guntur in CC/204/2010
  13. Decision dated 08/09/2011 of Mohali  in CC/249/2011
  14. Decision dated 29/12/2011 of Salem  in C.C. NO.54/2011
  15. Decision dated 03/02/2011 of Tuticorin in CC/57/2010
  16. Decision dated 24/08/2011 of Medak in CC/10/2011
  17. Decision dated 02/12/2010 of Nagpur Addl in CC No. 140/ 2010
  18. Decision dated 27/12/2010 of  Vizianagaram in CC/ 118/2010
  19. Decision dated 21/01/2011of Vizianagaram in CC/ 124/2010
  20. Decision dated 11/05/2011of  Naupada in CC/ 08/2011
  21. Decision dated 07/04/2011 of Coimbatore in CC/399/2010



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