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Qualification for PIOs ?

Dr. M. Faiyazuddin


Any guideline or specific qualification has not been fixed for the appointment of PIOs resulting in several inefficient PIOs public has to come across daily and face undue problems. sometimes RTI users feel cheated and embarrassed due the humiliation he suffers after using RTI. Our govt. must think in this direction also.


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advocate rajesh


Faiyazuddin Sir, You are talking about PIo even the FAA authority do not know how to hear appeal . you are very right the PIO should be taught lesson so that they know the importance of RTI . RTI applicant is just any enemy for them and they can not tolrate anybody questinoning them. I agree with you.

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nk agarwal


Very very important but neglected issue of RTI.

Most of the PIO's carry RTI work as additional responsibilities and without infrastructure support. I feel this aspect is the weakest link in the entire mechanism of RTI Act-2005.

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nk agarwal


Not the academic qualifications, but the administrative qualifications. As said earlier, the PIO's should be from outside the department to work without fear and without compromise.

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