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Seeking Information In Rti A Costly Affair

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The CIC (management) Regulations 2007 says that

"Before submitting an appeal or complaint to the Commission, the appellant or the complainant shall cause a copy of the appeal or complaint, as the case may be, to be served on the CPIO/PIO and the Appellate Authorities and shall submit a proof of such service to the Commission".


Is is mandatory for the appellant to send the copies of the appeal or complaint to the PIO and the AA before submitting the appeal to the CIC. and also does one have to send the application only or one has to attach the encls also.


This makes seeking information under the RTI Act a costly affair as the person seeking the information would have already spent a lot of money in sending his application to CPIO the AA and communicating with them and if one has to submit the proof of despatch these documents are to be sent either by Registered post or Speed Post.


Who will bear the cost of all this correspondence. As in other tribunals/courts one can seek compensation for the harassment and cost incurred is there any provision in RTI Act for seeking any such compensation/cost from the PA.

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