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Doesn't it make sense while sharing information regarding bribery and curruption



What does RTI Meant? For Right information,awareness of rights for the people,it should not termed as propagandas with any one,it should provide what ever comes under day to day things going on around us.

suppose someone wants to know how much money is to be given to the person who can get work done with any official without our present visiting particular office,(for which bribery word is given).

does not this quiry comes under RTI.


Suppose Some one needs work to be done without bribing anyone in any official,then how many days official will take to help the person will RTI provide right channels to go through in complete work task with information.

This Are question Arise when we want the RTI should be well leverages,it is not againsnt Any concern Person or Office or Govermant department but at same time it should be prepard to reply such quiry .


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Anil Kumar Gupta


So many officer of central / state Government use red light on their official/ personal vehicles while they are not entitled for that. Why this act of officers is not being checked by the concerned authorities?

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Anil Kumar Gupta


In Central/State Government offices, officers and employees never observe official time, that is , they come to their office after the office time and leave the office before closing of the office. this results into less output and leads to a different type of curruption.As such, Head of the Offices should be made responsible for observing time in their offices and if they fail to do so serious action should be taken against them.

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