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RTI Against Police ?

Dr. M. Faiyazuddin


Dear Members,

I am sorry to write that people are scared of using RTI against policemen due to possible harrassment by them thereafter. A lot of irregularities can be found in the police department but it goes unchecked. In the next ammendment to this act, such provisions must be evolved to prevent fear in the minds of the people in using RTI against police department.



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advocate rajesh


Faiyaz Sir, Your new photograph is very attractive and now you are more close to me. You are a very handsome personlty . You have raised a very good issue in your blog regarding police really a normal man think twice or more befor using RTI against Police .because a normal indian man wants to lead his life in avery normal way . It is a good new if the law makers are trying to solve this problem in near future . If is done lot of problems will be solved Thanks Sir

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Iqbal Ahmed


sir, spreading information among masses is the only way to reduce corruption & fear of the public.


there are so many horror stories suggesting not to go against the police dept./personnel.


some activist/NGO should provide a platform to file RTI applications & Appeals Etc. of ordinary persons with the name of NGO/activist and the ordinary person could get required information without disclosing identity.


to start this service no change of law is required, only some devoted activists are required.

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I am an rti activist from bangalore , i sought an information from police commissioner , the application transfered to concerned jurisdictional police station , they have not provided the information what i sought , i appealed to the commission , the commssion fixed a date for hearing , now the police are trying to harrass me , but they send constable to my house calling me to police staation , but i told them i will not come , you can send the information through post , then they went back


we should be bold enough to face them

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mahender singh anand


The rti against police sent to Pio,address should be kept confidential and be not disclosed to lower level,if it does so it means against the rti reply.

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