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JD-U Leader Shivanand tiwari questions giving bharat ratna to sachin tendulkar



JD-U Leader Shivanand tiwari questions giving bharat ratna to sachin tendulkar





Cricket is not a recognized game in Olympic too ? And Cricket game is the which is 101% sponsor game by companies and they give maximum fund to the cricketers and above all its a Casino game witnessing maximum satta and bookies, underworld , Bollywood , Industrialist fund is involved directly and indirectly.


Many renowned personalities neglected giving Bharat Ratna due to dirty politics witnessing nation at present in centre who itself is under scanner of maximum corruption , scams , crimes , price rises .


Ram manohar lohia , A.B.Vajpai , Dyanchand and many popular personalities neglected by congress for there own vested interest is Injustice towards their Work for Nation


" Bharat Ratna to be given those Citizen`s who really deserves for that "


The Credibility of award Bharat Ratna loosing day by day due to bad politics too much involved in it .


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