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Condition of Jharkhand

Dr. M. Faiyazuddin


I wanted to send an application under RTI to the Chief Secretary of Jharkhand but I did not know his PIO. Therefore I called the secretary of the Chief Secretary of Jharkhand and asked the name PIO. He replied to contact the Home Secretary. I called the Home Secretary and asked the same question but he replied to contact the Under Secretary. I called the Under Secretary and asked the same question. The Under Secretary told me to contact the lower level officers. Thus the whole exercise ended with a tragic note. These people are running a state. You can better understand the situation than I say.

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jagdishbhai Makwana


Gujarat is also not different from Jharkhand. I had asked property returns of Secretary, Tribal Development Dept and Dy Commissioner, Tribal Development from Chief Secretary. He forwarded to Secretary, Tribal Development Dept. The PIO of Tribal Development Dept again returned to Chief Secretary and Commissioner, Tribal Development. More than 1 month is over. When Class-I officers could not read English, what to talk about Class-II officers? There are many such examples to share.

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