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Tag your friends and Activist in your content and engage them




elcome to new Social RTI- designed to provide exciting possibilities for proactively engaging, knowledge-sharing and collaborating with other RTI professionals. Here we introduce User Tagging, an advance form of Tagging system which you usually see in social networking sites like Facebook and twitter and we hope that it is useful and effective in our efforts of promoting a more integrated Social Networking atmosphere for RTI community.


When you tag someone, you create a link to their Timeline. The post you tag the person in may also be added to that person’s Timeline. Just input @ and start typing the RTI forum username, like this


This is how the Post shall appear:




Tell people about stuff they’re in


Adding user tags can let people know when they're in your posts. People you tag can receive a notification so they can see your post. The post may also go on the person's profile and appear in their friends' news feeds. Frequently within our forum and blogging community, users refer to other users in their content, or might want a specific user to see what they’ve said, or provide feedback. Short of messaging a user every time that happened, it can be almost impossible for a user to keep up to date with where they are mentioned or are needed on a site, especially on a bigger and more active site like our's.


User Tagging solves this problem by allowing users to tag a user to a thread, or mention them within a post and then automatically alerting the user who has been tagged or mentioned. The system also notifies users when their post has been quoted, as well as allowing a user to subscribe to certain tags (called hash tags). The mentioning and hash tags work very similar to the Twitter system, and so for many of you, it will be a natural part of your forum posting.


This relatively easy and straightforward system allows you to keep up to date with things that need somebody attention, or matters you want to keep alert to.


Here are is the link to
Tags statistics Page


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