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New Set of Smilies to express your RTI power




Hello Everybody.


Just to add emotions to our RTI portal we have not revamped our Smilies and replaced by bigger, better and expressive emotes. Here are they:



  1. :) to show smile
  2. :SS: to Show Surprise
  3. :U: to show Upset
  4. :$ to show Pleased
  5. :Q to show blessed
  6. :( to show Frown
  7. :confused: to show confused
  8. :eek: to show EEK
  9. :mad: to show mad
  10. :cool: to show Cool
  11. :p to show Stick out Tongue
  12. ;) to show wink
  13. :D to show big grin
  14. :o to show Embarrassment
  15. :sad: to show sad
  16. :rolleyes: to show sarcasm sad
  17. :app: to shall Applause
  18. :thk: to show thanks


To use the emotes either you can click them directly from the editor menu like this:


Screen Shot 2014-05-11 at 2.04.20 pm.png


Or slowly you can learn them by typing the shortcuts like : and ) shall produce smile like this: :)


Enjoy the new set of smilies at RTI INDIA.


Screen Shot 2014-05-11 at 2.04.20 pm.png



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