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How to Submit a RTI application prepared by you.

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How to SUBMIT a RTIapplication?

By Debashis Nanda

RTI application. The MID (Most Important Document) of RTI Act, 2005 is often prepared carefully but the applicant do not have a full plan for submission to the PIO. I would like to put here a brief note for reference for all those who prepared a RTI application but not submitted to the PIO of the concerned office (Public Authority as it is called or simply PA).

1. The RTI application may be directly submitted face-to-face with PIO or Assistant PIO of the PA. But this may take few days and also few tries as the PIO may be engaged somewherein the office, deputed for some work or simply do not have an intention to receive your application the day you arrive at the office of the PA. Though, he cannot deny receiving.


2. Then, what is next ? Prepare an envelope with address of PIO or APIO, neatly fold the application with IPO of 10 rupees; tearing and keeping the counterfoil of the IPO. Do not forget to attach a photo-identity-proof of the applicant whose name is typed by you at serial No.1 of RTI application form. You may use Bank Draft also but that would be costly.


3. Now, you should dispatch the application by Speed Post or Registered post of Indian Post department with correct address of the Public Authority. Please do not use the private courier. Now, keep the receipt provided by Indian Posts or Railway Mail Service (24 hour service in cities) for your future use when it might be required while submitting the First appeal or even Second Appeal.


Use this link to know more about speed post : http://www.indiapost.gov.in/SpeedPost.aspx


Have a good sleep now over your RTI application; it HAS reached the PIO for sure

Note : If you by any chance sent it to the wrong PIO, it would be redirected under Section 6 (3) of the RTI Act, 2005

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