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How to file RTI for "broken road?"

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Default Re: Broken Roads


corruption of crores of rupees is being done by showing repairs of roads only on paper by corrupt authority/officials in district roads, state highways & national highways too. You can file RTI application to get below mentioned information from concerned authority.



The PIO,...............department.(address)


Please provide me following information from record related with roads.......................(name of roads)


(1) How many times minor and major repairs are carried out on these roads during the period ......to.......


(2) If repairing work was done provide following information.

(a)copy of relevent portion of labour register

(b)copy of relevant portion of stock register

©when was the repair/work carried out

(d) location/place of work carried out

(e) method of repair/work

(e) composition of material used in repair/work


(3) If work/repair was done by contractors, provide following information

(a)copy of details of estimate

(b)copy of abstract entries and record entries

©copy of sketch

(d)if guarantee clause was mentioned in contract, copy of that portion of contract which mentions


(e)names and contact numbers of the concerned engineers who inspected these repair/work and

passed the payment to contractor

(f)despite the fact that roads are in bad condition has the guarantee clause been invoked till now?

provide information from record


(4) These days roads are badly broken so provide specific reason from record for bad condition of these roads separately.


(5) Please intimate the date, time and venue as i want to take samples of material of each road u/s 2(j)

(iii) of the RTI Act from the place of my choice and should be collected and sealed in my presence.

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