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How Officers Take Action on Complaint- Sample RTI application.

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Re: How officers take action?


Request for information can be used to generate action for speedy disposal of pending files.


please file RTI application to the PIO,........Department and request him to provide following information from record regarding the complaints made by people.



(1) a list of the all complaints received by all officers of your department for the period.....from

This list should contain details mentioned below.


(A)name and address of the complainant


(B)complaints pertain to which tehsil/ district/circle


©brief discription of the complaint


(d) date of complaint received


(E)date of redressal of complaint


(F)nature of redressal


(G)if not redressed, reasons for the same which are on record


(H)as per rules/regulation in how many days/time period such complaint should be redressed


(I)name and designation of the official responsible for such delay in concerned complaint


(J)proposed action against concerned officials to be taken for delay/dereliction in duty


(K)is redressal/grievance against an official/ if yes, name of the person


(L)action taken against such person


(M)any departmental or other enquiry carried out? if yes, provide the result of such enquiry.


(N)if enquiry not carried out provide its reasons from record


(2)provide photo copies of all complaints and reports of enquiry made against the concerned officials alleged to be guilty.


Dear member, you can check on the functioning of the machinery.

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