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Provisions related to Fee and Time Limit for RTI in World Bank.

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The World Bank responds to the applicant's request for information as soon as possible and in any event within 15 working days of receipt of the request. The World Bank makes a particular effort to process urgent requests quickly and, in any case, processes such request within 5 working days. For purposes of this paragraph, urgent requests are requests which relate to urgent human rights issues, or requests which reasonably appear to be urgent, including because of the potential for harm to locally affected people, taking in to account any representation to this effect made by the requester. In exceptional cases, where the processing of a request requires extensive consultation with different Bank officials or third parties, or searching through a large number of records, the Bank may extend the deadline for replying to a request for a further 10 working days to an absolute maximum of 25 working days. In this cases, the Bank notifies the requester, giving reasons, before the end of the initial 15 working days of its intention to extend the timeline.


Information is provided to requesters free of charge. However, a copying fee, which will not exceed the lower of the actual cost or a copying rate set centrally by the Director of the InfoShop, may be charged for copying in excess of 100 pages.


In no case are fees charged for request for information from project affected persons or for requests for country information from citizens or residents of that country. Fees are also not charged for requests for information which is subject to automatic disclosure, or which are in the public interest, including where the information is sought with a view to contributing to better public understanding of the operations or activities of the Bank.

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