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How to hack Member of Parliament daily works

Priya De



We must know our Hon'ble Member of Parliament daily routine. But unfortunately, you may not get that information from MP Office. They do not come under Right to Information Act.

But yes, you can get the details of the work Member of Parliament has undertaken by various means. Here are few:

1. Request General Administrative Department of the State Government to give you all the correspondence an MP has written to State Government for his constituency related work. You can get the reply and analyse his focus.

2. File another RTI (actually if you dig deep, it's already there in public domain) to get the information on number of days Hon'ble MP has attended the Lok Sabha/ Rajya Sabha. You can also find out what questions is the MP asking in the parliament.

You can also file in the Loksabha/ Rajya Sabha and know under which Parliamentary committee the Hon'ble MP is part off and how many meeting has he/she attended.

3. Then file an RTI in the nodal district which is the District having powers to disburse money under MPLAD funds (Hon'ble MP gets 5 crore per year under MPLAD, which is non lapsable). Get all the letters written by Hon'ble MP for recommending work under MPLAD. Once you have the information, analyse if at all any work is recommended by him/her, what is the nature of the work recommended e.t.c. MPLAD Fund Guidelines are available here!

4. Find out from the District, how may meeting has he/she attended under Vigilance Monitoring Committee and get the minutes of the meetings.

Generally, Hon'ble MP does not have many powers in the State Government especially if the District Administration is non-cooperative. A district collector only listens to Chief Minister, therefore, if MP does not have a very good repo with CM, the District Collector will rarely listen to him /her.

Do let me know if you find my observations helpful and you decide to go ahead and ask for information. I know its a difficult route, but we all must know and stand to make our representative accountable to us.



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