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Proposed amendments to RTI Rules of Central Govt

Dr. M. Faiyazuddin


The proposed amendments are unfortunate and its implementation is like scrapping the Act. However, I analyze the proposal in the following manner:


Refer to Section 4 Limitation of one subject is ok but confining it to 250 words is practically not possible. There should be no word limit. It is not an essay writing competition.


Refer to Section 5 © Actual cost is a vague topic. It opens the scope for PIO to provide misleading information.(h) Speed post costs minimum Rs 25/- therfore every time postal cost will exceed Rs.10/ and PIO will demand Rs.15 from the applicant. There is no need to add this sub-section. PIO must be asked to provide information through e mail if the applicant demands. It will save money and time.


The proposed amendment is silent upon the punishment of PIO if he does not reply or provide misleading information. Earlier pattern of punishment is insufficient. I suggest to increase the amount of Rs 25000/ and adverse entry must be made in the ACR of concerned PIO responsible for not replying or giving incomplete/misleading information.


In addition to IPO, the fees should be allowed to pay through postal stamps. It will be easy for public and money will go to the government.


The amendment is silent upon the harassment of RTI users. The govt. must bring the provision to protect the RTI users.


Private schools irrespective of getting govt. funds should be brought under RTI.


I will write after studying a little more. Please write your comments till then.


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