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APAR of Self not exempted under RTI .Bombay HC.

Prasad GLN


Bombay HC upholds CIC order directing UoI to furnish BARC employee's annual appraisal report


For those of the members who do not find time to open the link and go through, relevant extract:

The bench of Justice RM Savant and Justice SS Jadhav examined Section 8(1)(a) of the said Act and noted:“It is well settled that the process of appraising an employee’s performance and communicating the same is with a view to give an opportunity to the employee to correct himself or improve himself and also to enable him to take recourse against the adverse remarks which are appearing in his confidential reports.

Therefore, after going through the masked (hidden) portion of the APAR, the court observed: “We do not find anything in the report of the Reporting Officer to be sensitive or which could prejudicially affect the scientific or economic interest of the...


Read more at: Bombay HC Upholds CIC Order Directing UoI To Furnish BARC Employee’s Annual Appraisal Report | Live Law


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