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PIO trying to divert me from attending the information commission.

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I had sought some key information from the PIO, total 8 RTI's but the PIO never bothered to reply. I filed first appeal, thereafter second appeal and complaint to the information commission. It is now almost 21 months now, the case has come for hearing at information commission. In the meantime, the PIO was transferred and new PIO has joined the post. I had approached the new PIO to receive the pending RTI information. But the new PIO (present one) ignored me and said i am helpless and deffered from helping me by providing the information.


Now presently, the information commission has summoned the present PIO for enquiry of the case. In response, the PIO has summoned me. Enquiring what information i had asked, the information which i have asked is not present with them fully as some of the vital records are missing with them. The PIO is trying to provide some half baked information to me and avoid attending the commission enquiry on these 8 cases. So what should i do now?

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