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RTI is Good Modern way of choice for all people to Know about Information.

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Dear All, Thank you and congratulations for such great initiative of Right to Information,,,

The Right to Information Act, 2005 is considered to be one of the leading welfare oriented laws in Indian society.

Openness to the Information.. ‘Openness’ means measures

and access to public as transparent and participatory to the surrounding community as


With the influence as of data about Information possible, and to strengthen the general trust in public organization.

measures include:

• providing access to information on systematic request procedure.

• Involvement of the public through hearings, open discussion, authorities guidance.. etc.......


Such as Fundamental rights support to help people.. Same such rights of Information can create Openness and involvement of the public,which is a necessity

for the establishment and maintenance of a dynamic and democratic society which builds on consensus and economic growth and for an efficient public sector.


Thanks and Regards

Mahesh B W.

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