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How to file a RTI application for Municipal Plans in Maharashtra?

Sunil Ahya



The RTI application is to be addressed as follows:




The Public Information Officer (PIO),

Assistant Engineer,

Building Proposal Department,

XX Ward (replace XX with the ward applicable to your locality),

Address of the XX Ward.


You can either visit the ward and submit it to its Dispatch Section and take an acknowledgment on the photocopy of your RTI application, or

You can mail it by Speed Post, track its delivery on Indiapost website on internet and when it shows delivered take a print out of the track report and preserve it as a proof of delivery of your RTI application.

In Maharashtra, the best way to pay RTI application fees is to paste a Rs. 10/- court fee stamp on the RTI application itself. You will get court fee stamp from any of the Courts, or vendors (photocopy / xerox shops) near a Municipality or other such Govt. offices. As the court fee stamps are valid forever, you may consider buying extra (say worth Rs. 100/- or more), as you will require them for filing RTI First Appeal and Second Appeals.

Please refer to the following links:

In the RTI application, under the heading "Description of Information Required" you may seek information as follows:



1. With reference to the said Society, please provide me with the certified photocopies of the documents / plans of the following:

  1. IOD,
  2. Commencement Certificate.
  3. Commencement Plans & Layouts.
  4. Completion Certificate.
  5. Completion Plans & Layouts.
  6. Occupation Certificate.
  7. All other approved plans and layouts.

2. In accordance with section 2(j)(i) of the RTI Act, 2005, please first provide me with an inspection of all the above mentioned documents pertaining to the said society available with the MCGM.

3. Please note that, during the process of this inspection, I shall select the required information, kindly do provide me with a certified photocopy of such selected information on payment of prescribed fees.





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