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Nagpur: In a revelation through the RTI enquiry made by Mr Naveen Agrawal, Registrar, Dada Ramchand Bakhru Sindhu Mahavidyalaya, Nagpur, it is clear now that the posts of Registrar which are vacant in the government aided colleges affiliated to Non-Agricultural universities in Maharashtra can be filled by direct recruitment, if eligible candidate for promotion to the post of the Registrar is not available. 
There are around 35% posts of Registrars in the Maharashtra which are vacant due to wrong interpretation of The Maharashtra Non-Agricultural Universities and Affiliated Colleges Standard Code (Terms and Conditions of Service of Non-Teaching employees) Rules, 1984 about the recruitment. In the code it has been mentioned that 50:50 percent posts should be filled by Direct Recruitment as well as by Promotion. The problem of filling of the post of Registrar came as there is only one post of Registrar in each college.  The concerned Department recruiting personnel has interpreted the code as the post has to be filled once by Direct Recruitment and next time it should be filled by promotion only. The problem came when the suitable person to be promoted was not available in the college. Thus the post remained vacant for an unlimited time as it could not be filled in by direct recruitment. 
Mr Naveen Agrawal, who is the President of the Maharashtra State Non-Government College Registrar Association, Nagpur Region understood the difficulty in the recruitment of the Registrars in Aided Colleges and made an online RTI enquiry to the Higher and Technical Education Department, Maharashtra Government. The above RTI enquiry has resulted into getting the government GR No 1287/(1311)/fof'k 4, dated 05/01/1988 which stated that  ‘if the post of Registrar is singular, it would be filled by the promotion but if the suitable candidate is not available, it should be filled in by the Direct Recruitment.’ Based on the above GR the similar amendment was made in the Standard Code 1984. After receiving the information it was sent to the University which promptly published it in ‘University Guidelines’. 
After the ban on recruitment of the posts vacate, the posts of the registrars in government aided colleges can be filled by direct recruitment.
Mr Naveen Agrawal made an appeal that if anybody wants the GR related to the recruitment of the Registrar can contact him on his Cell No. 9273301557.



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