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Thanking Blog to our Guru, Experts





Today I am taking this page to share my view on Expert who help me, us, and other members in this forum for their needy information and guidance on same.


Guru Purnima is a grand day that is significant to revive the connection between the students and the teachers in both academic and spiritual ways. Students and disciples all over the world dedicate this day to their teachers. It is a societal and religious celebration. The ancient and present Indian tradition acknowledges the positive impact of Guru or a teacher in a student’s life. A Guru or a teacher plays a significant role in molding the student’s life and guide him through all the phases of life. A Guru guides a student to help him reach his goals and advance in his spiritual and materialistic life.  His grace and blessings are powerful to dispel ignorance (darkness) from the life of the student. On this day disciples and students recognize the importance of Guru in life and receive their blessings.


I would like to thank admin, GLN Prasad sir, Sunil Ahya, Dr V S Prasanna and other Senior Members in this forum who share their view and guidance by helping learning people like us. Sir, I would like to thank you as many time whenever we stuck in between and post our issue you all help us by sharing required things to be done by investing your important time in this forum helping many people in their respective issues.


Thanks Regards.




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