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Thanking RTIINDIA.ORG mentors and GLN Prasad Garu




Dear @Prasad GLN sir and other mentors of rtiindia.org,

I am writing this blog to express my thanks to mentors and members for support extended all along.  First I have approached the rtiInida.org when I was in so much distress in 2017.  I have lost my property because of omission/dereliction of govt employee duty in protecting people property and lives. Since, the govt employee failed to perform their duties, I have no avenue other than approaching the courts. Here the is problem! The perpetrators are including a senior lawyer ensured that I could not have  a single evidence to fight legally, they did it by colluding with the govt employee.

           Now, My first objective was to find the evidence to fight legally. I was suggested by my cousin who was retired govt employee to follow the RTI act to get the information, with the hope of collecting if any collected information can be used as evidence in the court.  I was browsing the internet for RTI related information and I found couple of sites on RTI act and related topics. But I could find it quickly that rtiindia.org is way ahead in spreading the awareness to common people such as me. The first things I used are the well drafted "RTI application template" s,  I have utilized the templates and modified suitably with points and asked the information from the various offices and got not only the information and my complaints started getting takes seriously.  However as usual, some PIO's delayed the information but  @Prasad GLN sir was always quick and was helpful in correcting the FAA and second appeals. After perusing the RTI applications, I could gather a required vital information which is sufficient to file Writ petition in the court and Private complaints in magistrates. My legal fight went on for the 04 years. Finally with the crucial evidence which I could gather through RTI applications, I have been successful in getting perpetrators into the books and now they are facing the law. However, recently I could also get back my property while I could not get my time and carrier opportunities I lost during the last four years.

          Finally, It was a wonderful learning experience to interact with the all the mentors who were/are very helpful and my special thanks to @Prasad GLN sir for his patient replies and corrections of my RTI application drafts. 


Thanking you one and all.


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Prasad GLN


Hearty Congratulations and such feed back really gives inspiration.

Please continue to help others with your experience as you are fortunate and followed the case with perseverance.


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