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CIC Warns of negligence by officials

Supreeth Hegde



  • On 29-06-2020 I submitted second appeal with Central Information commission since my desired information was not been provided to me by the PIO, CPIO Department of Economic Affairs, Ministry of Finance, Government of India on my RTI application dated 23.04.2018. I pointed out that the CPIO has failed to furnish his/ her own details as well as the details of the FAA. In consequence of which I was unaware as to whom should be contacted further for necessary action. The FAA also furnished a reply only after a delay of about 25 months from the date of filing of the first appeal.
  • Below are some of the Highlights ordered in the decision 30-12-2021 by Central Information Commission.


Decision :


8. The Commission further observes that the CPIO has furnished a general reply to the query raised by the appellant without application of mind and also failed to furnish his name and designation and also that of the FAA. Further the unreasonable delay of about 25 months caused by the FAA in furnishing the reply, shows complete negligence and laxity in the public authority in dealing with the RTI applications. It is abundantly clear that such matters are being ignored and set aside without application of mind which reflects disrespect towards the RTI Act, 2005 itself. The Commission express its displeasure on the casual and callous approach adopted by the respondent in responding to the RTI application and the process adopted to maintain and organise record. The CPIO is therefore, warned to be extremely careful and vigilant in handling RTI petitions in future, failing which the Commission would initiate penal action under Section 20(1) of the RTI Act, 2005. This should also be brought to the notice of the Secretary, M/o. Finance Department of Economic Affairs, Delhi by placing a copy of this order before him for appropriate necessary action.



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Prasad GLN


It is so nice of you to share.  But make title not more than 3 to words.  CIC Warns of negligence by officials.

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