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E-Tickets : Cancellation & Credit





There is lot of misunderstanding regarding e-ticketing facility of Indian Railways, leading to frivolous grievances and RTI Applications before the authorities. E-tickets are booked only by using Credit/Debit cards. The tickets are in four pages. Generally, passengers print only one page. Four pages contain all details of ticket including mode of its cancellation. Nobody bother to print and read page-2 to 4 of e-ticket. Wait-listed e-ticket, if not confirmed at the time of preparation of chart, is cancelled automatically and the amount is credited to the same Credit card / Debit Card account from which the e-ticket charges are paid. If any e-ticket is booked through an Agent using agent credit/debit card, the cancellation amount is credited to agent's account. It is a programmed system to get cancellation and credit of amount in same account, so that a person booking an e-ticket from a remote location need not travel to a railway station to cancell his ticket and get refund. Before embarking upon Complaints and RTI Applilcations etc, one should verify his Bank account (transaction pertaining to date of printing chart) to ensure credit of cancellation amount. If the e-ticket is booked through an Agent using Agent's account, the passenger MUST claim refund from Agent.


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Very good explanation.

Can you also please clarify the process for cancellation of i-ticket ? How can it be done ? How to expect credit in your CC account ? etc.

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