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Latest Update on 06/09/2013

  1. The Statesman: Check EPF balance online from today
  2. Now on, know your current PF balance instantly - NDTVProfit.com
  3. epfo online - ???? ?????? ?? ???? ????? ?????? - Amar Ujala
  4. EPFO LINK:  Member Balance

If the information is not available online, please refer these blog :

  1. http://www.rtiindia.org/forums/blogs/jps50/76-how-know-provident-fund-status-through-rti.html
  2. http://www.rtiindia.org/forums/blogs/raveena_o/2279-rti-epf-inquiry.html

How to Check Transfer Status?

How to withdraw PF money & check the withdrawal status??

To withdraw PF money you need to fill the form no.19 (Employees' Provident Fund Scheme, 1952) and Form No.10C (Employee’s Pension Scheme, 1995) and you can withdraw the PF deposited to your account by your previous Employer. Forms available here: http://www.epfindia.nic.in/

FOR Claim Status (all INDIA) try here: http://www.epfindia.nic.in/ClaimStatus_New.html

The Employees’ Provident Funds Scheme, 1952 has a unique provision casting the responsibility to settle claims within 30 days on the Regional Provident Fund Commissioner concerned.

How to withdraw PF money without involving/sign of employer.

If the company is closed and the employer is either not traceable or refused to sign the subscriber to the fund can still submit his claim for settlement through other means. It is the duty of the employer under the Act & Scheme to help Employees' Provident Fund organization to settle the Provident Fund dues of his employees. He has to complete the prescribed application within 5 days of receipt [para72 (5)] forms & hand over it to the member when he leaves the service. When a member finds it difficult to get the form attested by the employer, he can get the attestation of any of the following officer & send to the Provident Fund office:

  1. Manager of a bank.
  2. By any gazetted officer.
  3. Member of the Central Board of Trustees./ committee/ Regional Committee (Employees'
  4. Provident Fund Organization).
  5. Magistrate/ Post/ Sub Post Master/ President of Village Panchayat/ Notary Public.


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Excellent work Ambrish, we are proud of you!

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  • Super Moderator


Very helpful blog. Many thanks.

Any new queries regarding PF can be simply directed here.

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Dear Ambrish, From my side no words to express your devotion and total involvement. I am incompetant to measure ( I am still a learner) your quality and service, but I can tell you this much. It is "WONDERFUL".

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Thanks for your kind information . Where to send application as per Annexure A.

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This blog addresses most of the problems of PF status and refund and will be useful to members/visitors. Very good efforts. Thanks.

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thanks In my case i wanted to know the time perioed for settlement as per law



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You did a great job. It is highly useful for every employee (and of course, employer too). I am working in such an organization where the a/c dept is not aware of Superannuation! I joined RTI because of the little knowledge of the people in my company on EPF, Superannuation etc and the support I could not get while working in my last company.


RTI is a great source of power, if properly used without fear!


Thank you all and keep this right on the right track..!



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i can't find of Vadodara Regional Office , so pls do the needful as soon as possible.

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Dear Arun


Please follow the way suggested by JPS Sir (link available above)



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Thanks for reply. But my account with Mumbai Maharashtra. How can i get my PF Status.

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