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Utilitarian approach of RTI –2005



Utilitarian approach of RTI –2005


In cases where there are less chances of attaining fruitful consequences on using RTI directly or no possibility of using RTI; In those cases it is better to FILE simple complaint/application/representation with the concerned department/officer/PA.

Reasonable time (15 to 30 days) for action should be given to the concerned department/officer/PA for the said complaint/application/representation.


If expected or satisfactory action is not taken in due time, then RTI application can be filed with Public Information officer of concerned department/PA in order to obtain the action taken report of the said complaint/application/representation.


If any complaint/application/representation is already pending, then RTI application can be filed directly.


Please note:


1.It (complaint/application/representation) should be either submitted by hand with due acknowledgment or sent to the concerned department/officer/PA by registered/speed post.


2. Fee & Format of the RTI application must be as per rules applicable (Central/concerned State). Please do check rules before filing RTI application.


The RTI Rules and Fees for various States, Centre and High Courts are available in the RTI Guide segment of the portal.


The Guide section also has some useful articles on How, What, When, Where of RTI . They will help you in drafting your application, whom to send to, how much fees, how to pay, what rules to follow, etc.


Suggested format of RTI application by JPS 50 Sir: http://www.rtiindia.org/forum/blogs/jps50/69-any-thing-pending-govt.html


Please remember: RTI is meant only for seeking information, not for getting anything done.


Possible results/outcomes:

1.You might get the work done.


2. If PIO replies, then will definitely fix the responsibility of the concerned officer, who failed to act in time. In this case you will get the evidence to prove your point & matter can be escalated to higher levels.


3. In most of the cases, instead of replying RTI application PIO feels more comfortable in dismantling the problem from the grass-root level.


Disclaimer: These possible results/outcomes are based on my personal experiences. These may vary.


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Very useful. Thanks Ambrish for all the efforts.

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This is a very practical suggestion. Very often people misunderstand that RTI will solve all grievances, simply by asking info. The suggestion you have given is the correct approach.

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