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RTI Act Requires Amendments

Dr. M. Faiyazuddin


It is now time to bring necessary amendments in RTI Act 2005.I would suggest the following:Please consider.

i) Fees should be scrapped or be allowed to pay by postal stamps.


ii) Strict action against PIOs for not providing information within time limit or providing inaccurate/incomplete/distorted or misleading information.


iii) A lot of expenses on post and other materials are borne by the RTI users. There should be a provision of compensation if the PIO/FAA does not respond properly. It should be at lower level rather to be decided by the CIC/SIC.


Iv) There should be a provision to conceal the identity of the original RTI user.


v) Strict action should be taken against those employers who harass their employees for using RTI.


vi) Speedy disposal of RTI cases must be ensured. It must be a time bound disposal.


Your comments are most welcome.


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I am agree with Dr.sahib.I suggest there should be provision to submit online request where one can pay fee using bank card/ credit card to save time,postal delay etc.and even applicant can apply on holidays also.

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mahender singh anand


1.fees should not be scrapped.it should be nominal and equal all over the country in all the states.

2.PIO OR FAA should considerable be pennalised if they does'nt respond or give false or incomplete information.

3.it should time bound disposal.

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I agree with Dr Faiyazuddin ...In short, the procedure has lot of scope for simplification and it can be made citizen friendly esp. for poor citizens of India.


I would also like to add that the Act should enable filing of first application online saving so much botheration to collect stamp, courier etc. Money can be paid by credit card or debit card or ITZ cash.

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I agree with point (v) posted by Dr. Faiyazuddin. Seeking information from one's employer/department for unusual delay/refusal of an application filed by the employee may result in further harassment to the employee by the employer/department. In reality seeking information under RTI is not welcomed in any govt. organisation. The alternate option suggested by "akash saraf" and "exploited" for provision of filing online application is a good one, but exercising this option too may not prevent an employee from employer's burnt for asking reasons for unusual delay/refusal of consideration on employee's application. Is there any other way?

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I agree with the view that strict action must be taken against those PIOs who do not reply at all or within time frame.

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mahender singh anand


All the points raised by Dr.Faiyazuddin are quite genuine but one thing must taken care of misuse of RTI forum.I can simplified and some accountibility be fixed towards P.I.O.

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