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Four year old journey of RTI vbglossarlink.gif is considerable. Undoubtedly the Act has a vast scope and better than several other equal acts of the world but has it succeeded completely in checking corruption in govt. sector ? Did it achieve its desired target? It is futile to expect that the act will make the country corruption free overnight. In a country which has about 25% population under BPL category and a large number of people centered to their own livelihood who will effectively use rti ? On the other hand the officers who are supposed to provide info. appear to be hostile to the users, how can transparency be brought? Lack of awareness about the act among common masses is another hindrance in its proper use.

It is a common knowledge that a reply is not provided within 30 days and even though it is provided, it is often incomplete, misleading and distorted. In response to an application a PIO vbglossarlink.gif asked to deposit Rs.02/- as xerox charge for one page. How far it is justified? Section 4 vbglossarlink.gif of RTI vbglossarlink.gif Act makes it mandatory to furnish all info. on the website of the concerned department but when we see the website many departments have not updated their website or give incomplete reply. Same is the case of FAAs. FAAs are in good relation of PIOs hence help the PIOs instead of the applicant.The system of taking justice from CIC/SIC is time consuming.

Despite all these odds rti will achieve maturity and come out of its infancy but it will take more time. Let us be hopeful for its tremendous success. Thanks.

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Yes we got a path to travel, I hope positively and the success is defined .




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