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RS 25000/ fine under RTI is very low.

Dr. M. Faiyazuddin


The maximum fine under RTI is Rs 25000/ which is an average salary of a UDC. This amount is so low that a PIO easily agrees to take risk and deny information. The fixed amount in this age meaningless. My suggestion in this regard is that one month salary or 25 days salary of a PIO should be taken, if fined by the CIC or SIC. In this way the amount of fine will be automatically raised with the enhancement in salary. If a PIO gets Rs 50000/ pm salary, he can take risk of Rs 25000/ but when he comes to know that the entire salary can go in fine, he will be scared a little.


In a nutshell, it is time to raise the amount of fine under RTI.


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Payment of fine by the PIO does not meant that information will nopt be provided.

Ultimately, information has to be provided.

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