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Dr. M. Faiyazuddin


Thinking in a right direction and then putting it to action should be the soul objective of mankind. RTI is for both--those who seek information as a right and those who provide it in its right perspective. I am quite confident that RTI will enable us mature, sincere, devoted and Right Thinking Indians. Undoubtedly, there are hazardous ways to achieve the desired goal but the emergence of Right Thinking Indians as we witness upon this portal is so rapid that future India looks bright and extremely shining.


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advocate rajesh


yes Sir, you are very right the day is not far away ,it is just a matter of time when RTI will prove itself, what we need is right thinking person and true Indian like you

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Sir, presently the people are little bit alert about knowing the RTI Act and sought more informations. Moreover, the retired good personalities are started to form a group with like minded retired officials and assisting the people for making RTI application. I accept your views cent percent.

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