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As everybody know that Indian Police, whatever the State or U.T. it belongs to, does not follow Cr.P.C. as in terms it had been formulated. Instead, they use this as a tool to settle scores by favoring one party and mint money. I think we must fight with this menace of Indian Police.

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  2. Dear readers, A warm welcome to you to this web site. We are a research based Litigation Law Firm based in Mumbai and we are actively involved with subjects/topics and debates concerning human dignity, human life and human rights on/off the court premises. We take up matters concerning Police atrocities, Governmental misbehavior to citizens and non-citizens and fundamental right infringement matters. Criminal, Civil, Matrimonial and Real Estate are the area of our specialisation. People/friends and colleagues who require any help or guidance from us can contact us for any advise. Thanks, tripathiassociates@ymail.com
  3. We also agree with your point. Let us fight against this and to uphold the human rights.
  4. Yes Mr.Navdeep. I do agree with ur point. We will do fight against that. Sort out the means.


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