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In my view, to change current corrupt system of India, Political will is necessary but none of our politicians have that. All activists should unite together one by one and should work cohesively for the cause. We need to get rid of all these corrupt politicians first. Anyway, this was my view. I hope by starting discussion on this point, we might reach at some point some day.

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  2. Mai khud ek political party ka karyakarta hun. curruption to sabhi party me hai. Lekin har ek party me mere jaise aashavadi karyakarta hai, jo sirf sachchai aur imandari par vishwas karate hai. Kyun na hum sabhi party ke aise karyakartaonko sammilit karake, party ke soch-vichar kuchh samay baju me rakhakar curruption ko nipatane ka kaam kare?...... Deepak Kulkarni, PUNE.
  3. is anyone knows the name of politician who is not currupt?
  4. Yes , I agree with this , but for that we have to be active in politics and we have to prove that in politics we can do 0% curruption and 100 % social work ... Then only other will consider us as ideal and start to walk on our way ..


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