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Every literate can be a member who wanted to know about his education related rights like rights he could enjoy as a student, benefits for he is available, validity of his degrees, Governments , Universities, and other Educational institutions negligence in giving proper communication etc., a voice against

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  2. Respected officials,Registration number CIC/SCOFI/A/2018/140719 When will the information we get under the case of above given registration number
  3. hi i m from ahmedabad.... i want to know that what happens in the 2008 dummy writer case took place in ahmedabad....what is the final judgement....can any one help me.....
  4. Dear Friends, I give a warm welcome to all the educated to join the hands together to know our rights as the students, scholars against the malfunctioning of the different educational systems , platforms, professional bodies and the universities without basic co-ordination among themselves and in turn troubling the student community. I request to share ur feelings, and related problems at this platform to get the solutioins for. Thanking u.


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