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People with disABILITY form one of the most politically invisible & under-represented constituency in India. The general level of awareness on disABILITY related issues among mainstream decision-makers is quite low, with disABLED people themselves being ill-informed about their rights. Now in RTI, we have a potent & effective tool to raise this issue and get its effective management.

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  2. Hello Dr Phalswa, I want to send message to you but not able to do so.
  3. hi to every one in this group
  4. abdullahIbrahimplus2

    DisABILITY Rights and RTI

    Hi, It is my first choice to join this group after joining the RTIndia. Being from especial education and having keen interests in the inclusive education in Indian perspective I would like to be aware of and contributing to your activities. Thanks
  5. I work in the field of disability. I have a centre for young adults and adults with intellectual impairment. Would like to keep myself updated on the issue of disability rights in regards to intellectual impairment.
  6. Thanx for creating this group, I hv already been active in creating awareness for Disability rights. Let us share & make people aware about rights of PWD


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