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Govt Servant Local Bodies or PSU Employees using RTI may share various problems related to service matters.

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  2. Refusal of voluntary retirement application under the name of discresion by management. Vrs is being granted by pick and choose policy in psu. I.e all the directors man
  3. Hi everyone members of this group. i just join your group and want your cooperation in this regard
  4. can anyone guide me.. How can I get testing of civil construcyion done by municipal corporation from a third party )approved by govt.)?
  5. yes i m your next friend n k singh.friends i have been selected in assam judicial service and after complition of one year of hectic training i with other 14 candidates all belongs to outside assam througn out from the service on the basis of language.we all have filed rti application to honourable high court about our fate and status now but we r not getting response.this is glaring example of regional bias.if this is so we should have not been recruited .we r going to fight this case in suppreme court.but i would like to share this incident to u all so that vigilent indian citizen must know how the things going on in different part of country.
  6. hi, can anyone hear out me. i am an employee of a nationalised bank and want to ask some doubts
  7. i wish to join your group to share the knowledge and experience with group members. krishnaveni
  8. Dear readers, A warm welcome to you to this web site. We are a research based Litigation Law Firm based in Mumbai and we are actively involved with subjects/topics and debates concerning human dignity and human rights on/off the Court. We take up matters concerning Police atrocities, Governmental misbehavior to citizens and non-citizens and fundamental right infringement matters. Criminal, Civil, Matrimonial and Real Estate are of our specialisation. People/friends and colleagues who require any help or guidance from us can contact us for any advise. Thanks, tripathiassociates@ymail.com
  9. In most of cases higher officers creating position stop juniors not to fulfill responsibility. We have to think solution of this problem.
  10. It would be my please to help PIOs or FAAs in dealing with difficult situations in RTI related matters.
  11. We can discuss some problems on phone also. My phone is 09897878951. I am terminated bank officer ob Bank of Baroda. I filed 70 RTI applications But the PIOs refused on absurd grounds. The CIC did not punish the guilty pios. CIC instead of providing me the asked info; ordered me to visit the bank office at 2000 kms away to conduct inspection of the info. What foolish decision of the ICPB. May God improve the bank as well as the CIC.
  12. namaskar to all I am glad to join in this group . I am a PSU employee. I would sure share my service problems.
  13. Govt gives salary to govt servent to " help public servent" so without any corruption in dept help public servents...
  14. dear group members, Feel happy to join this group. be my friends. I strongly feel that this website home page should have a place for deficulties, harrashments, tartures etc., faced by RTI applicants is very much necessary. Give your valuable advise to me over demanding this
  15. Information means what it is available in any format in office. Question answer is not information. We may ask the applicant what information he want which is avaialble in office. We may reply unable to understand what information is being asked in application.
  16. hello. Can anyone tell me what to do if receive application with 10-15 questions alongwith 50Rs. IPO for information period w.e.f. 2001 to date.


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