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group is meant for land related issue. Here we can discuss how best we can make use of RTI for land related matters.

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  2. ​tell yor problem in detail it is not enough to ...
  3. Local panchayat acquired our land without our permission and constructed a tube well and a water tower a few years ago. They have not compensated for it in books the land still is on our name. I would like to know what kind of wording to use to confront them. Thanks
  4. I have bought a piece of agri land which measures 7.33 gunthas [7330 sq ft] it is bought from my neighbor who owned 24 gunthas. As per Maharashtra Land rules no cultivated or idle land can be subdivided into plots smaller than 17 gunthas unless it is a Non Agriculture or Plantation Plots. Problem is the Plantation Plot definition is not known to anyone and they go by the record of survey in British time. The plot from which the said strip is being separated is converted to Plantation plot in past 15 years. But the record do not update the same. How can I use RTI to resolve my problem? Can somebody pl guide? Tks
  5. Hello group member/s I have an issue regarding land in Jogeshwari West. I want complete details regarding that particular plot. Could anybody answere so as to from which source Could I get those details. Any website or any other source.
  6. Could someone answer this .... http://www.rtiindia.org/forum/45337-issue-pattadar-passbook-lost.html
  7. Please some answer this, http://www.rtiindia.org/forum/20656-land-records-karnataka.html#post60198


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