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Persons having a commitment to weed-out corruption presently at almost every offices of Goverment, use RTI to get correct information from the Government officials, Campaign for RTI like Proactive Disclosure etc.

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  2. Dear Group members, Post any kind of RTI related query with respect to Govt offices in Odisha or kind. Debashis
  3. Dear Karira Ji, Thanks. But such a question was thrown by one of friend and activists to the PIO, Directorate of Technical Education & Training, Odisha they had responded as follows :- As provision laid down in para 3(1) of Orissa RTI Rule 2005 that " a State Government shall designate as many officers as it deem proper to the post of Public Information Officer". Further para -3(2) of rule also provides that Heads of Department and offices in the district and sub-divisional level the head of such offices shall designate as many officers as they deem proper as Public Information Officer and Asst. Public Information officer. Well, Karira ji, whether the Orissa RTI Rule, 2005 will supersede the RTI Act, 2005 with such a modification as mentioned above or is it amisinterpretation by the PIO, DTE&T,Orissa ?
  4. The Directory section is up and running. Have a look at the citation here: All documents upto Second Appeal - BSNL Express Telegrams - RTI Directory The CIC order is here: http://www.rtiindia.org/forum/23305-bsnl-says-my-application-does-not-ask-information-customer-grievance.html
  5. It is not correct. Please read Sec 5(1) for designation of PIO and Sec 5(2) for designation of APIO. Sec 5(2) clearly says that APIO's have to be designated at the sub divisional or sub district level. Not in the HO. In fact there is a decision of the Karnataka Information Commission which had asked the BBMP to re-designate all the APIO's which it had designated in the HO. Let the directory section come back on line (after the site revamping is complete) and refer to my second appeal to CIC regarding BSNL. The citation of KIC is available in that second appeal. In my BSNL matter also, the CIC ordered that designations should be as per the provisions of the RTI Act.
  6. It is convention in the Government offices to post atleast 1 PIO and 1 Asst. PIO following the hierarchial structure of "Babudom"; whether it is correct procedure as per RTI act,2005 and RTI Rules,2005 of Government of Odisha ?


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